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acid 05-09-2005 06:25 PM

concrete slab bathroom coverings-PICTURES ADDED pls help!??
After removing 700sq ft I got to the bathroom and it made no sense at all!
The whole house is an 8 year old concrete slab house and throught the den and kitchen I removed tile, mortar, and sometimes found a thin layer of something that might have been SLC or some leveling mortar type stuff...all going fine. The bathroom was ODD though.

All the tile seemed stuck on extra good. All the tile came up and usually left all the thinset on the floor so my plan was to grind down the mortar some and then just retile but a few areas are confusing me:


1)closet-one piece popped up and it had a thin thinset layer(normal) but a 1/4" or so thick thing of mortar like material stuck below it-no fibers running through it like in mortar board. The concrete slab was under all this. I'm not too confused by this and figure maybe it was just some extra thick area of SLC or patching compound?

2)by the tub (far end of bathroom)- some thinset came up and below it is a concrete colored surface-doesn't appear to be the concrete slab surface. When I knock on it with a piece of tile it sounds somewhat hollow...is this some type of board? I didn't chip through this surface so was just planning on retiling over it?
tub(finger on board type material??):


3)By the toilet-MOST CONFUSING- Behind the toilet ring tile came up with a thin thinset layer and maybe some slc/patching compound but below this was some material that looked like dirt and even sort of smells like it??-about 1/4" thick???? WHAT IS THIS?? It was packed very solid and below this was the concrete slab. What shoudl I do with this? Should I rip all this stuff up around the toilet and if so what do I replace it with?? It just seems odd and I feel like I would be ripping the floor down very low-no problem if it is the right thing to do but I'm just confused if it is...or should I just pour some SLC or thinset over it and tile away??
general view:


arrows from left to right(floor height increasing from left to right arrow with slab being lowest, then dirt stuff, then top of dirt stuff, then thinset)-
1st arrow:finger on concrete slab(only the 1"*.5" white stuff the finger is on)-
2nd arrow:brown dirt like stuff at various levels.
3rd arrow:top of the dirt like material that the thinset was set on.
4th arrow:some thinset:::::


here you can see the color and thicknessof the dirt like stuff well...about 1/4 an inch thick and easily breakable(revealing white top of concrete slab):


I'm pretty clueless. I was hoping for just simple slab concrete but no luck...I bought the tiling book but it doesn't cover the bathroom floor much...HELP!!!

jdm 05-09-2005 09:30 PM

Acid --

Some pics of the scenes of the slab questions might help the pros understand a bit more.

As for the toilet, the closet bolts have large flat heads that fit in a slot in the flange. The wax is from the wax ring that is used to seal the toilet to the flange. When the toilet is set it is slipped over the ends of the bolts and the wax ring gets compressed and spreads out.

acid 05-09-2005 09:40 PM

thanks jdm!
Yeah I was thinking that some pictures would be a world of help-I'll get some up tomorrow. I guess I was just hoping the tiles would come off in the bathroom like they have in the den/kitchen without much fuss to reveal a nice slab but that would be too easy. I think I'm understanding the flange more-so the bolts are not supposed to go directly in the holes I assumed were bolt holes but instead are mounted coming up through the semi-circle shaped openings ?

jdm 05-09-2005 09:45 PM

Acid --

The bolt heads go through the big opening at the end of the curved slot. Then the bolts are slid down the slots. This makes the flange position non-critical as the curved slots just have to be positioned to the sides. The final position of the toilet can be determined when it is installed.

acid 05-10-2005 10:24 PM

I've posted some new pictures..any ideas?

acid 05-11-2005 05:10 PM

anyone? I'm pretty desperate to figure this out... :bang:

Mike2 05-11-2005 08:30 PM

How about a first name there Houston? :)

I can't tell you what the "dirt like stuff" is but that don't matter much cause it's all got'ta come out'ta there anyway :nod: . What's your best guess? Is that material going to be found under all the thinset in that bath? Actually it might work in your favor as it should simplify removal of everything else.

Get that slab squeeky clean then come back with a picher or two along with a description of what it looks like...we'll then guide you through the next steps.

acid 05-11-2005 09:18 PM

I'm William :cool:

So just rip it all down to the slab?

Sounds like a good plan to me...I think I'm becoming an old hand at this demolition stuff...

I think the stuff is just around the toilet b/c when I tap the floor out it has a hollowish sound around the toilet and also around the tub (but I think it might be a different subfloor type stuff there).

If I get to the center part of the bathroom and it is just lots of some SLC or something (but elevated above the slab that is by the toilet/tub) should I chip that out also to give a full flat slab throughout the whole bathroom or just leave that?

I've gotta ask but would it be the worst idea in the world to chip out the rest of that dirt like crap that comes up easy-assuming its just around the toilet, grind down the old thinset and then finish the floor smooth with some SLC and tile? Would I just be asking for cracks/loose tiles? Maybe adding a ditra layer?

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