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lati_cz 02-11-2018 11:37 AM

kitchen cabinet lights
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I am about to finish kitchen remodel. HO wanted to have under cabinet lights and also lights on top of the cabinets. Both will be controlled by one switch. I need something slim for under cabinet, something I can cut to size as cabinets are in sections, should be on "cold" side 4500 - 5000k.

nelsonkoehn 02-11-2018 12:41 PM

Looks like a good place to put LED tape light. Get one of those slimline U channels. The low voltage wiring can be run a in tighter places than 120VAC. Driver could be located above the cabinets. Get the tape light itself in the color you like. I've used 4500k from Hafele, was pleased.

lati_cz 02-11-2018 01:23 PM

I have already romex 14/2 run to each section directly form switch. Not sure where to fit drivers under cabinets?

Tool Guy - Kg 02-11-2018 07:42 PM

It depends on exactly which product you're working with. When you've got a bulky transformer with a traditional plug-in, I'll mount outlets in strategic locations in the back of 2 or 3 cabinets for the transformers to plug in to. Then run the low voltage lines cleverly down through the cabinets to the LED lights below.

If that's the case now, I'd install "cut-in" electrical boxes wherever they make sense (probably in the same stud bay that the Romex whips are at now) in the backs of cabinets and put your hardware in there and run the low voltage lines down to the underside of the cabinets.

While you're at it, you might want to suggest installing "over cabinet" lights. As it is now, it looks a little dark up there and this kind of lighting looks killer at night as a night light.

nelsonkoehn 02-11-2018 10:32 PM

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Originally Posted by lati_cz (Post 1491502)
...under cabinet lights and also lights on top of the cabinets.

Bubba, I think up lights are already on target. But, yes, definitely need them.

Wiring line voltage lights in after having worked with low voltage sure seems like overkill. But I like the clean look.

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lati_cz 02-16-2018 07:17 PM

That looks nice!
Wiring already in place, most likely I'll ended up with LED/fluorescent lights under and LED strip on top. Checked HD, nothing exciting there, will try Lowe's...

Houston Remodeler 02-16-2018 08:43 PM

LED tape lights.

Transformer for LEDs is called a driver.

nelsonkoehn 02-17-2018 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by lati_cz (Post 1491915)
That looks nice!

Wiring already in place, most likely I'll ended up with LED/fluorescent lights under and LED strip on top. Checked HD, nothing exciting there, will try Lowe's...

Please don't do flourescent! :sick:


lati_cz 02-17-2018 04:37 PM

so what's my options?
I have no room for driver under cabinets, romex is wired from switch....

Simplyjames 02-17-2018 04:51 PM

Driver lives above cabinet or on top shelf depending on where outlet is run to. Factory lengths generally donít allow for this so youíll need to make a connection. I use thermostat wire or similar

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nelsonkoehn 02-17-2018 04:52 PM

There are slimline drivers, 3/4 stack or so.

There are also led under cabinet units. Hard wired or pluggable. But you may need to order them in.

The fluorescent is just an opinion of mine. Do as you wish. I just think you have a beautiful kitchen setup and flourescent will take that right back to 1990.

eurob 02-17-2018 05:48 PM

Lots of outlets on that backsplash ..... near the sink as well :scratch:
Looks symmetrical thow:)

lati_cz 02-17-2018 10:21 PM

I already notched tiles for wire under cabinet, counting the light will hide it. If I use strip it'll be visible and I do not want mess with adding el. boxes.... I will use LED light fixtures under and strip on top.

something like this for udermount

Yes, all is symmetrical, except for tiles not centered with oven.... I centered tiles on sink, but started tiling from side on oven wall. Found out few days after I finished tiling. Was staring at it, couldn't believe what I did....

Thanks guys!

wwhitney 02-17-2018 11:19 PM

When I researched this 18 months ago, the line voltage LED option I liked best was the Halo HU10, which is 4-3/8" wide by 3/4" thick, comes in five different lengths, and multiple units can be easily daisy chained:


I wasn't considering cost or availability, though, not sure if they are hard to find. I ended up going with low voltage LED.

Cheers, Wayne

lati_cz 02-18-2018 03:40 PM

looks nice, I wonder if these can be wired from back or just from side.

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