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Arizoner 12-28-2017 01:42 PM

Unknown Saltillo sealer. Strip anyways?
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Hi, I moved in to an existing house, and do not know the history of the tile. I'd like to seal it for preventative measure. Since I don't know if it's been sealed in the past, and have no issues with how it looks right now, can I simply use a sealer as is right now, or do I need to use a stripper, just in case there is a sealer on it now. Approx 1000sqft, Exterior tile, Phoenix area, 6 hours sun/day, gets some water from grass area. Thanks!

Kman 12-28-2017 04:20 PM

I'd strip that, then seal it. The manufacturer of your sealer will probably tell you the same thing.

claycarson 12-30-2017 01:20 AM

Pretty stuff! We don't see it as much in New England, but I saw more of it when I visited your beautiful state of Arizona.

I'd agree with Kman. Strip cuz it makes the surface better to receive new sealer. Just don't use heavy abrasive black nylon pads like they use to strip vinyl floors. Saltillo is fragile and heavy abrasion can break the outer crust of the tile.

I'm less sure which brand sealer. I like acrylics in general for Saltillo. They sell some durable solvent based acrylics that are flammable but OK to use outdoors. Had to grind one off a concrete floor once and it was murder to get off, leading me to think it's pretty darn durable. Had a decent shine, too. I bleeve it was a Brickform product, could look it up if you're interested.

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John Bridge 01-09-2018 09:56 AM

Hi Arizonar, :)

I used to live in Pheonix, and I did a fair amount of Saltillo work back in the day. You don't have real Saltillo, which is very rustic and irregular in shape, color and texture. I think your tile might have been made in the states. :)

In any case, it's similar to Saltillo tile, and outdoors it can be either sealed with a penetrating sealer or left as is. If you're going to seal it I recommend Thompson's Water Seal or similar. Do not use a topical coating on it, and I wouldn't worry about stripping it. :)

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