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doitright 02-29-2004 05:54 PM

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Who's got um? What are they? How many? What do they look like? Ladies, no pictures of your husbands, please! :D

Here's our little dog (6.5 lbs) Casper. She was in the mud today!
We also have two rabbits.

e3 02-29-2004 06:08 PM

both hunting dogs--Golden Retriever-(lucy) and Simom an American Water Spanial. Almost forgot the 17# cat ,my wife bought one year when I was out of town ,by the time I got home and the kids had him for a week and there was no getting rid of him.(that was 16# ago)

flatfloor 02-29-2004 06:41 PM

um....Eric, where's the dogs? ;)

doitright 02-29-2004 07:24 PM

The cat was probably hungry! :D

opiethetileman 02-29-2004 07:40 PM

Well I will try and post pics of my clan when I get home. But as you tell by the name of my bussiness I have dogs real ones. My wife lets just say she has a badge and I have 6 Highly trained K-9 UNIT working dogs at home. 2 are arson dogs the rest are narc dogs. But the one I take with me everyday they were going to kill because he had worms when he was a puppy so I saved him.

doitright 02-29-2004 07:53 PM

Good man Dan! I bet it was worth it, wasn't it? I noticed you said real dogs. I was waiting for a remark like that. :D Heck I think our rabbits are bigger than the dog by at least 1/2 lb. each. ;)

opiethetileman 02-29-2004 08:00 PM

Well I meant real dogs because I think they dogs are worth more than my house. One of the narc dogs alone is worth more than 50k did you know that. The arson dogs are about 40 k. Just a fact I would add for ya. I have german shepards thats what I meant by real dogs nothing wrong with little ones. So please dont that wrong Do it rite please. Like I said when I get back to florida I want to start posting pics here. Maybe I can have all the boys and I pose for ya. Trust me what sucks about having the wife with a badge is not the big D, she can sick em on me when they need to warm up in the back yard. I have pics of me wearing the take down suits. Talk about hurt dude I would not want to hide when the sherrif says K-9 Unit coming in come out now. But my dog is so stupid. On one job I was one he walked thru the chaulk lines I had out then he went back and sat in the truck. I had red chaulk blue chaulk and ornage chaulk over the damn cab of my new truck it only had about 300 miles on it.

Berlyn 02-29-2004 08:38 PM

Here's our furkids!!!

Our Loves---Pets & Ponds

Yep Bob the cat is a biggy @ 25lbs!!

Now ya'll know why we're having a problem with too light of a grout color. All our shepherds have been indoor doggies!!! Who needs an alarm system with a shepherd, right Opie!!

Enjoy the pics!!!

John Bridge 02-29-2004 09:01 PM

Check it out. Doitright put up a picture of his rabbit.


cx 02-29-2004 09:33 PM

Yeah, I usta know about a lotta kinds of them show rabbits, but I ain't never seen one of'em with really short ears like his'n. :D

RandyL 02-29-2004 11:14 PM

Ive got a germanshepard/rotweiller mix named Muttins and a purebred rotweiller named Sprout (cus of his little tail, looks like a sprout). I also have a cat called Tiggywinkles that was once cute.....but now she's just fat. Another cat Pepper that is 18 years old and just howls all day.
Sprout broke three windows so far in my new house..he rams himself against the window when people walk by. :D excellent alarm system if you don't mind doing home repairs every once in a while.

jjwq8 03-01-2004 02:53 AM

Any can get the posse to sit still in one place for anything longer than a nanosecond and I will happily attempt to take a picher :D

smee 03-01-2004 11:57 AM

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Hi all -

I have two Cirneco's. Dante and Titi...aka the Primadonnas.
When I left them this morning to come to work they didn't even get out of bed - still curled up under the covers. When they smell the freshly cooked liver in the kitchen - they usually rouse themselves. They are spoiled that's an understatement - but every day when I get home I have these two little smiling dogs so happy to see me that it makes it all worth while. Of course, if you got a two hour walk, cooked liver and dog cookies every day a warm bed to sleep in - full use of all the furniture, I guess you'd learn to smile too!

smee 03-01-2004 12:00 PM

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the two -

rzep 03-01-2004 12:06 PM

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Here is my dog. I like him becuase 95% of the time either
sleeps or eats. Chicks magnet the other 5%.

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