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LEXX 08-29-2007 07:50 PM

Well, here we go again.
Well, here we go again. I am at this job doing “Hardwood” on the 1st day of the job I noticed that the neighborhood was nice and quite. On the 2nd day at work I heard people swimming next door at the house I’m in. On the 3rd day I heard them swimming again, only this time I got curious as to who could be swimming as all the kids are back in school. So I looked and to my amazement it’s this woman and she is topless! I thought what in the world? But oh no wait a minute her friend is too! And if that was not enough here comes their other friend and she is too! I just had to laugh and say I am never going to finish this job on time :lol1:

Anyway they keep coming over every day! Now it’s 4 of them doing this! So the following Monday at the job (last day for me) I had to clean up and pick up trash around the back and side of the house and yes they are their swimming and laying out only this time they are all naked. And to their surprise they notice me and I them, though surprised they laughed about it, but did not even move to get dressed. So they began talking to me and I them :lol1:

(Note: there is a board on board fence between us, but it’s not that high when they are standing on the cool deck.)

I said “ Yall need to get your clothes on” then one woman said, “we don’t like tan lines” Then it happen! This lady BEAUTIFUL gets up and walks over in my direction and says something I can’t remember what, :lol1: All I was thinking was oh my gosh! No one is going to believe this is happening to me LOL! This is so funny to me :lol1: I love my wife and GOD; all I could do was keep my eyes to the ground :lol1: We keep making comments to one another, as I wrapped things up and got out of there about 45 min.

What A job I have :lol1:

Only you guys know my post in the past about “People we work for” guess I’ll add this one to the list.


Brad Denny 08-29-2007 08:10 PM

Bless ya heart, Lexx. Makes for a tough day's work! :lol2:

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