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Amsmith592 04-15-2021 06:17 AM

Help on backsplash please
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New member here so thank you for this outstanding readout response to hopefully help me in my install. I have standard 3/6 subway tiles for a backsplash and I need some recommendations to make the termination around a window up to the bottom of the cabinets,most appealing. As you can see in the pictures the tile didn’t March out equally and when I progress up the wall near the window the left side will have a greater gap then the right as it stops on the corner of the framed window. Thought about some trim to terminate it into to reduce the gap but I was just hoping you guys that have encountered this can give me the best non as noticeable solution. Thank you everyone for helping

Carbidetooth 04-15-2021 08:31 AM

Were it me, I'd remove the apron under the sill and just run full height tiles there. It's going to be an awkward grout joint there to that rounded over apron.

I'm not sure I understand the other question, but if there's room on the window frame, you could wrap tile onto jamb and die into window frame.

FWIW, I've installed many a sink window sill fabricated from stone or quartz. It's better suited for the wet environment around sink and more similar to the characteristics of tile in terms of durability.

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