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Mateo 02-02-2005 02:29 AM

Finished Fireplace at last
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Hi all,

After a long time pondering -- and a slow go of it, I finished my first tile job. Special thanks to Davy, Davestone and John for their advice and inspiration. :bow:

I will try to attach a few pics for those interested. I used Talavera tile over a (mainly) brick fireplace that was already in existence.

Thanks again for all the help. Am I crazy to think I can take on tiling a new shower and bathroom floor? That's the next project. Anyway, I have John's book and I know where to find you guys.



New PS -- Thanks for the help, photos attached :yipee:

doitright 02-02-2005 03:53 AM

Hi Mateo :)

Try this - http://johnbridge.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=14991

John Bridge 02-02-2005 08:01 PM

Hey Mateo, Can't wait to see the pics. :)

Mateo 02-03-2005 03:05 AM

Thanks John and John -- the program worked like a charm



jdm 02-03-2005 09:31 AM

Wow. That's some transformation. Beautiful job.

And start picking out tile for that shower!.

doitright 02-03-2005 10:49 AM

Very nice work Mateo! :)

Are you sure you did the work? :shades: :D

whatoozy 02-05-2005 06:24 PM

Yes, nice job, Mateo. I have the same Talavera "Guadalajara" tile around my fireplace. Where did you find the skinny ones? All I have is the usual 4x4 tiles. And by the way, I love " The Chappelle Show" also (on TV in pic).

Jeff Trice

Mateo 02-06-2005 01:48 PM

Tile sources
Hi Jeff,

First off, good catch on the Chapel Show! Good sillyness.

So the source for my tile is a bit odd. I have a streak of unchecked confidence, so when I decided to tile my fireplace, I took a trip to Mexico to find some tile. I didn't have anything in particuilar in mind, and didn't know of any locations at all. I ended up asking the hotel clerk where I was staying in Ensenada for a good tile place. He was reluctant to say, but when pushed said to go to CISCO tile -- they were very helpful and had some beautiful tile (you need to speak Spanish if you go there directly -- on their website you can get someone who speaks English, www.ciscotile.com). So anyway, I had never done this, so I didn't have any dimensions or anything. So I bought the Marco blue (darker than cobalt) and the tiny Guadalajara tiles, and that was that.

Once I started planning and doing more reading I learned about bullnose tiles, etc. and thought, uh oh, where the heck am I going to get that stuff. Long story short, I got the "skinny" Guadalajara and the bullnose Guadalajara from casatalavera.com, I cannot say they were very responsive, even after an 8 week lead time turned into an agonizing five month wait -- but once I got that thing grouted up, I decided that it was worth the wait. The cornice moulding and 1/4 round came from "Tierra y Fuego" in New Mexico. I ordered from them on three seperate ocaisions and they were always speedy and friendly.

So, as you can see, quite a hodgepodge of tile sources, but somehow it works.



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