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John Bridge 08-20-2001 02:53 PM

I am pleased to announce that Sonnie Layne has sent a pic of himself -- he is the first one to do so and will therefore remain forever the number one guy in the John Bridge Forum Photo Album.

So here he is, the world-famous poet, chef, wine expert, cheese sniffer, painter, tile man, computer whiz, horticulturist, botanist, woodworker . . . . Sonnie Layne!


John Bridge 08-20-2001 03:12 PM

Well, I'm wrong. I just remembered Dave Gobis was the first to send a pic. The famous "Polar Bear" shot. Cant' remember where I put it, but I'll find it and move a copy over here. Guess I'll have to move myself in here too. And Rob's daughter Jana, too.

JC 08-20-2001 04:55 PM

Man he looks just like I imagined!! Or maybe it just that all those painters look the same after awile..i dunno

John Bridge 08-20-2001 05:37 PM

I tracked down Dave's picture. Had to go up into the Arctic to find it. Here he is, the world-famous executive director of the Ceramic Tile Education Foundation (and erstwhile tile setter), Dave Gobis.


John Bridge 08-20-2001 06:25 PM

And here is Jana, the daughter of our Tile Forum/Advice Board moderator, Rob Z. Jana is only 5, but we're raising her as a mud girl, eh Rob?


Sonnie Layne 08-21-2001 08:30 PM

Hey, I never claimed no interest in sniffin' cheese! Where did you make that up from, JP? I mean, uhhh, yeah I like great wines, fine gold, Vercacci sunglasses, Louis Vuoitan brief cases and all that, but does that necessarily qualify me as a cheese sniffer? Hell, just put a dab of that Feta with onion and tomatoe/basil on a loaf of fresh french loaf and I'll show you what a drag I'm not!!! hehehe.

I'll bet you don't even know how to make butter, you with your fahcy woodworker's vises. Ya needed to make it big enough to capture your head??? or wat? eh? ferget about it... you from brooklin 'er wot?

All a tease John, it's too close to the autumnal equinox to get you all peaved. I've a feeling I couldn't do that anyway so, I'll just let you pass lightly thro' the fields of holly. (now we'll find out if he's really Irish or not).

your bud,

Bud Cline 08-21-2001 10:37 PM

Sonnie, why yall wearin' two shirts with shorts?

John Bridge 08-22-2001 06:43 AM

Geez, did you have to say equinox? Don't you remember we had to lose that thread a while back just to end Rob's dissertation on the heavens? Now, he'll probably pick up where he left off. :)

The cheese sniffing was just a little literary license stuff.

Got your pics, Bud. I'll work on them this afternoon.

Rob Z 08-22-2001 06:45 AM

I won't be revisiting any astonomical discussions due to lack of interest, thank you!

Sonnie Layne 08-22-2001 06:59 AM

John, license granted, thanks. Beautiful vise, by the way. Did you turn the screws yourself? I mean I think I remember seeing that the screws were wooden as well, was this of your manufacture?

Bud, thanks for noticing, I think. Actually they're swim trunks. I had a rare day off a few weeks ago.};){

cx 08-22-2001 10:24 AM

Where is the picture of the bench vise? I don't seen it.

Sonnie Layne 08-22-2001 10:53 AM

is where you'll find it, scroll down, it's a beaut.

cx 08-22-2001 01:28 PM

Thanks Sonnie, don't know how I missed it.

John Bridge 08-22-2001 04:08 PM


Just kidding about the equinox. I wouldn't mind hearing it again. Maybe we won't lose it this time.


The screw in that vise is allthread, but I have successfully turned my own wood screws and nuts (Thanks to Roy Underhill -- I bought his book).

And now what you've all been waiting for, the Bud Cline Family Album. Bud sent me 4 shots to do with as I choose. I've tried to get everybody in and cut down on the loading time. Bud, when you said those pics were big, you weren't kidding. Had to get out my snips.

http://www.johnbridge.com/bcline1.jpg http://www.johnbridge.com/bcline2.jpg http://www.johnbridge.com/bcline3.jpg
Top: Bud's daughter Leslie (a knockout, eh?), Tanner, who is unhappy, and Bud. Middle: Bud and Laura Lee (another knockout. No, not you, Bud.) Bottom: Bud and kids. Tanner is happier.

There is one other daughter that didn't make the cut, one day when I figure out how to use my digital camera again I'll catch her on the run. She lives out of town attending the University of Nebraska.

[Edited by Bud Cline on 08-22-2001 at 07:43 PM]

John Bridge 08-22-2001 04:16 PM

The question now is, where are those pictures of Art he said he sent a couple weeks ago?

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