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john619 10-14-2016 09:58 AM

Exterior harscape walls with tile finish.
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I am working on a remodel of a bank branch in Oakland. We primarily work on the interior of buildings, and do not get a lot of experience on exterior work. I attached a rendering of the exterior hardscape that is proposed. The tile is a porcelain tile that emulates corten steel. It is graffiti proof more or less, so that is why we are using the tile as opposed to actual steel.

Currently the idea is to use poured in place concrete for the walkways, stairs and wall construction. The walls would then be clad in the tile.

I am hoping to get some recommendations on how the tile should be installed. What is the correct way to add some notes or specs to get more or less a performance specification. References to industry standards, etc.

Notes regarding expansion joints, that sort of thing.

Where the tile walls come down and meet the concrete sidewalk would it be best to have a schluter profile kinda like a stucco screed? or scribe the tile to the walkway without the schluter profile? The stair treads concern me.

Any construction details that you can share would be appreciated.

The planters have been eliminated, no landscaping will be incorporated into the walls.

john619 10-18-2016 09:55 AM


Should this be asked in the pro area for some commercial tile help?

cx 10-18-2016 10:43 AM

You're in the correct forum for advice on a particular project, John. You'll get professional responses here if anyone has anything to offer.

I think part of the problem is lack of clarity. I'm guessing the brown colored areas in your rendering are the parts to be tiled? And they are all poured in place concrete structures? And the poured in place steps are to be tiled also?

Normally the tile contractor bidding the job would be advised to follow the architectural specifications in the plans. But since you're the architect (I presume), it's difficult to determine just what you're looking for here. Good example is the question about using a profile or just scribing the tiles to the floor/ground/base/walkway. That would generally be an aesthetic choice called out by the design professional. Could certainly be done either way.

The movement accommodation joints most definitely fall into the category of being specified by the design professional. The tile contractor would be looking for compliance with EJ171, but that wouldn't appear to have much bearing with the apparent sizes of the tiled areas, except for the change of plane considerations.

The only general guidelines I can think of that would be appropriate would be the use of a waterproofing membrane of some sort in all the tile areas. You appear to be in a non-freeze/thaw area, but the waterproofing is still a good idea for the longer term.

Other than that, I think we'd need more specific questions to give you more specific answers.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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