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Kilauea Too 02-24-2020 05:27 PM

How can i recover my old password?
I need a mod who can help me (Kilauea) recover my old password.Thanks ia

cx 02-24-2020 06:57 PM

Like I told you in an email a while back, LT, DaveM is the only one who can likely do that sorta thing and I honestly don't believe even he has access to your password. You could send him a PM and ask, though. John Bridge would also have access to whatever info the site has, but I don't think it includes passwords. Possibly one of them could give it a reset, though.

Tool Guy - Kg 02-24-2020 07:45 PM

Log in using your old username. Then, when you enter an incorrect password, the system will give you the option of resetting your password. It will ask for the original email address you used to originally sign up...then it’ll send a temporary password to that original email address. :)

cx 02-24-2020 07:58 PM

Hell, Goldstein, I didn't even know we had that feature. :rolleyes:

See, LT, like I said, you just gotta axe the right guy. :D

Kilauea Too 02-24-2020 08:54 PM

Thanks fellas.My old email is gone there for i would need DaveM to reset it for me.Thanks yall

davem 02-24-2020 10:20 PM

Password changed and pm sent. :)

Davy 02-26-2020 06:29 PM

Hope you're doing well, LT. :wave:

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