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Igman 03-09-2021 08:01 AM

Kerdi Board Hydroban Board questions
Having used Kerdi board for a couple of installations, I am intrigued by Hydroban board. Any comments on how these two stack up?

Any issues using Hydroban board with a Schluter linear drain tray? I am guessing you need to cut the tongue portion off of the hydroban board that fits into the hydroban "gutter" on their tray? I am not against using the hydroban tray, but would like some feedback if possible?

Lastly, how are most securing corners and change of plane areas-hydroban sealant or the kerdi band like hydroban strips?

Any other comments are welcome! Thank you.

cbaum 03-09-2021 08:42 AM

There's a very recent video from Isaac (Tilecoach on youtube) where he compares the two and another one I believe. Interesting video I think.

I would personally try to avoid mixing systems like that. Might get dicey when it comes to waterproofing the seams, and what material is best for each board type.

Lou_MA 03-09-2021 09:20 AM

I’ve found Hydroban board to be stiffer than Kerdi board.

I prefer the screw / washer combo of k-board. For h-board I’ve had instances where the screw is properly recessed but it didn’t pull the board tight against framing.

H-board corners I use the fabric banding like k-band. Sealant works but according to tds it takes 40 hours to fully dry (but you can proceed on it next day I think) and it does give off noticeable fumes.

It seems weird that h-board system requires a certain sequence when banding changes of plane. K-board is fine any sequence as long as there’s 2” overlap.

I wouldn’t mix and match systems.

speed51133 03-09-2021 09:28 AM

I just saw Isac's video last night. I tell you, after seeing that it is hard for me to buy Kerdi board. 3 reasons, the stiffness, not needing washers, and the way the joints are waterproofed. The only issue is that Floor and Decor is local to me and keeps inventory of Kerdi board. If I want any hydro ban board, I have to buy it online in quantity.

BTW, I have never used either. I have used Kerdi membrane and Hydro ban liquid.

Igman 03-10-2021 03:47 PM

Thanks for the replies! I too have been intrigued/impressed with the hydroban board and I have watched the Tilecoach's video. The sequence they recommend doesn't make sense to me either. I haven't been able to find any users of their trays with linear drains in a curbless environment. Kind of surprised there isn't more out there. Thanks for confirming the "don't mix" manufacturers-I don't feel comfortable pioneering that:bonk:

I am planning on seeing if one of the local distributors has any additional insight. I will share what I find out should it be of interest to anyone.

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