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dowcraig 01-02-2018 10:05 AM

Grout Haze and Hardened Grout
Hi guys,
I have two questions that I'm hoping I can get a bit of help on -

1) I grouted my shower and in some areas there is a little bit of grout haze left o the tile. I'm going to use a grout haze remover for that, however some of the grout fell on the tub. I cleaned up but obviously not well enough, as there is some haze on the acrylic tub. Any way to get this out? Will buffing work?

2) My buddy grouted his shower and got sidetracked while the grout was left on the tile. It hardened. Months ago. Any way for him to remove it? Would something like this work without damaging the tile:


Kman 01-02-2018 10:59 AM

1. I've never had trouble getting grout off an acrylic tub, even the haze would come off pretty easily. Have you tried a bathroom cleaner like Soft Scrub? Or some water and a microfiber sponge like a Magic Eraser?

2. A lot depends on the type of grout and type of tile, as well as how much grout we're talking about. Without knowing any of those, the only advice I'd give is to use a plastic scraper like a putty knife if it's an excessive amount, like you can see and feel it on the surface, not a haze.

dowcraig 01-02-2018 11:38 AM

1) I'll definitely try Magic Eraser - good idea. May even try that for some of the haze on the tile.

2) I'm not sure about the grout, but there's a significant amount. Is there anything that can be used with a power tool to make it go faster? A type of head for a multi-tool, or anything else?

Thanks for your help

surgeon 01-03-2018 02:23 PM

Also try dish washing soap/liquid + baking soda powder with warm water. Let it soak. Then use scratch-free dishwash pad or harder cloth (not soft t-shirt). Repeat a few times and see. If no go move on to Bartender's helper. Soak.

Depends on type of grout but... Laticrete haze video mentions vinegar or dishwash soap and hot water... on tile. I did use 3m pad on our current shower tub along the grout line with just laundry detergent with success a few months ago. I was surprised it was pretty clean.

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