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Tool Guy - Kg 12-15-2017 10:45 PM

Last Jedi, anyone?
Just got back from seeing the Last Jedi. :tup2: Anyone else gone, or planning to?

Kman 12-15-2017 11:43 PM

Haven't been. I usually wait on them to come out at Redbox. Not always the best way to watch them, but I can watch it on my own time, and for about $1.50. :corn:

But the suspense is killing me. :D

evan1968 12-16-2017 01:46 AM

Batman dies. ;)

mullet 12-16-2017 08:05 AM


Mathman 12-16-2017 10:12 AM

Going tomorrow. My son saw it last night and said it was great. Wants to see it again.

Simplyjames 12-16-2017 10:17 AM

Front row. Neck hurts. Good flick as usual though. I'm a total Star Wars fan for a few hours every December.

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mullet 12-19-2017 05:58 PM

They have ruined Star Wars. The very essence is gone. They are just repeating everything in the original movies with a different twist. The feel, taste and small of SW is gone, I would almost say the prequels aren't as bad as I thought, almost.

John Corley 01-08-2018 06:19 PM

I saw it twice. Loved it, is it different? Yes.

dhagin 01-15-2018 09:32 PM

Saw it opening weekend. I'm like a little kid watching those movies, yes, I loved it.

A new generation of heroes n villains making their way in the galaxy, whats not to love. :)

Just In Tile LLC 01-16-2018 03:53 PM

Ditto on the waiting Kevin, can't wait to make my own popcorn, turn it up loud, and sit in my recliner.:gerg:

Tiger Mountain Tile Inc 01-21-2018 09:56 AM

I like the new Star Wars movies. The second is better than the first. The Force Awakens is A LOT like the original Star Wars as far as the story.

I love the stories in the prequels- especially how Anakin turns bad- but they were so poorly executed. Those could have been the best of them all.

My favorite modern Star Wars movie? Rogue One

Tool Guy - Kg 07-04-2018 12:37 AM

The Last Jedi just hit Netflix! :tup2:

Kman 07-04-2018 01:50 AM

Watched it Sunday night. Not a bad flick.

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