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ESM 09-01-2007 09:36 AM

Soap "stains" in charcoal grout
My master bath shower has a very dark gray 1" tile with charcoal grout. The grout on the floor was never sealed, just the walls.

I use dial brand soap which is white, and it's "staining" all the grout, so instead of being charcoal, it's not looking pretty much like white grout.

I haven't tried much more then soft scrub and scrubbing bubbles with a grout scrubbing brush (nylon bristles). Both of those have proven to be 100% ineffective.

How can I get the grout back to charcoal and nice and clean so I can seal it (I have aqua mix gold), hopefully preventing this in the future.

Davestone 09-01-2007 04:24 PM

You need a commercial type soap and scum remover,and maybe even a steamcleaner or high pressure extractor machine. But first try a soap and scum remover from HD or Lowes,or online, and your grout brush,then if that helps a cleaning with some sulfamic acid crystals and the grout brush oughta bring back the original color, then rinse,let dry, and seal. :goodluck:

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