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Tool Guy - Kg 02-15-2021 06:56 PM

Fine craftmanship and quality materials are always in style. :nod:

Karls tile Inc 02-18-2021 09:33 PM

Those must be from Porcelanosa. I have used their treads and they are pretty sweet!

ceramictec 02-20-2021 03:00 PM

9 Attachment(s)
Finished a thin brick veneer tv & accent wall in Brandon/Valrico, Florida area.
Thin brick is a Mortonstones "Chicago Style" grey mixed colors.
The thin brick was very "reclaimed" looking and fun to work with.

Attachment 218492

Attachment 218493

Attachment 218494

Attachment 218495

Attachment 218501

Attachment 218497

Attachment 218498

Attachment 218499

Attachment 218500

irish tileguy in michigan 02-22-2021 09:25 AM

Looks awesome Brian

e3 02-22-2021 09:28 AM

That's real nice looking.

CaliGrown 02-22-2021 09:24 PM

Good stuff as always Brian, tile masons can do broader projects than solely tile setters.. nice layout and blend. Musta been fun grout bagging and raking the joints on an interior job :)

Contractor sent me final video of the Slab and Tile job we did..used remnant for the vanity top with a Mitered edge. Thinking she turned out decent for a first go with the Slab stuff.

Video here: https://youtu.be/h36YymY2rYw

jerrymlr1 02-22-2021 11:13 PM

Nice as usual Brian. Nothin goes better with a grayscale motif than a color tv :)

CaliGrown 02-23-2021 12:35 PM

Prep comes in different forms... lol gotta have the plumbing and rebar before you can gunite and then prep for tile :yeah::D:tup2::tongue:

tilemanct 02-23-2021 04:29 PM

Whenever I go to Florida and see amazing tilework I know its either you or Jerry who installed. Nice brick work.
Cant tell you how many houses we looked at and not one had tilework that was acceptable. Some were new places.

CaliGrown 02-23-2021 11:22 PM


End of day 1, pool plumbing except for equipment set stubs and all trenching minus lead to the electrical panel are left.
Finish those and start tying the rebar for the gunite crew.


First site walk on the way home. This pool down the road a few blocks from the one posted above. We will be ready for the tile and masonry after the selections are made and Finish materials arrive onsite :)

CaliGrown 02-25-2021 02:56 AM

Off to Santa Rosa later on today to start a shower for a repeat client’s parent’s, been on the list of to do’s since they first saw my work in May of 2018 at their son’s guest house :moon:

Here was my reminder as to how lush I have it when I can struggle in a bathroom or floor with a stinking’ time consuming layout..

Job 1: https://youtu.be/aOud2HRCiyU
Finish Plumbing into Equipment Set, Finish Main Line Trench to the Electrical access and run a Sleeve to the Equipment Area, Run a line for the Auto Fill, Drop off & Stage the Rebar for Caging and Tying tomorrow. Inspection for Rough-in is Friday, Gunite is scheduled pending inspection for 6:30 am Saturday :bonk:

Job 2: https://youtu.be/F3somwIKvjE
Form stripping and junk clean-up for haul-off. General site organization, wash down and hydrate gunite shell that was this from last Saturday. Awaiting material selections and delivery for all stone masonry and tile work. Backfilling and Rough Grading to start mid-next week. Hydrating is the KUSH job in Pool Building, like caulking for a tile guy :fish2:

CaliGrown 02-26-2021 05:30 AM

Got the rebar in, inspection later today. Gunite crew will shoot it bright & early this Saturday. Tile and Masonry end of next week, we like the gunite to damp cure for a few days... https://youtu.be/QSUPklssCAM

speed51133 02-27-2021 12:39 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Backsplash in my basement

jondon 03-01-2021 08:01 AM

1 Attachment(s)
For a fellow vet complete with his and hers niches, shaving niche in the pony wall:)

ceramictec 03-01-2021 06:48 PM

Sweet looking shower Jon :tup1:

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