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bottlefed 10-19-2020 11:59 AM

Cleaning grout? stains from shower pan
Hello all, helping another contractor retile a shower using some really cheap China made customer supplied 4x12 subway tile and grout.

We are almost done now and have been protecting the pan with a tripled drop cloth during tear out, CBU and tiling all has been fine we have been removing the debris and drop cloth and vacuuming the dust, and thinset that has dropped.

However today after grouting there are several stains on the pan in the textured (non slip) section on the floor of the pan (10-20 yr old FIAT pan) that are reluctant to come out.

I assume that the dye in the grout (kind of a gray color...there is no color stated on the bag) is what is causing the stain...so my question after this long rambling description is what would you suggest to clean the stains from the pan?

Thanks in advance.

Kman 10-19-2020 03:20 PM

Got any pictures of it?

Tool Guy - Kg 10-19-2020 05:07 PM

...and can you tell us how old the grout is in days?


bottlefed 10-20-2020 12:09 AM

Same day, we have been cleaning the pan every day after the days work is done.

Also looking online most of the adds I see for FIAT pans say they are a "pressed stone" construction. It definitely feels a lot stiffer stronger than the fiberglass pans I have dealt with in the past. Just out of curiosity, are these pans made of stone fragments and a binder? Or is "pressed stone" just a loosely used term?

PS Sorry for the delayed reply, for some reason the website is not showing any replies on my end.

OK now I see what happened I did not know there was a sub-forum for cleaning, restoration, sealing and one of the Mods moved it to the correct location.

Thanks for the reply, Tonto aka Bubba

cx 10-20-2020 07:52 AM

Richard, you can subscribe to your thread and receive email notice of new posts.

When I look up FIAT, of which I'd never heard, I see that they call those receptors "Molded Stone" and describe them as basically fiberglass with some "calcium based material" and a coating of polyester resin. So it's actually a polyester surface you are cleaning.

Their website says it has Product Care information, but the link for product care for the Molded Stone takes me back to the home page. Not terribly helpful.

bottlefed 10-20-2020 05:05 PM

Thanks for the feedback CX and tool guy, we did a test by scraping off some caulk at the joint of the floor tile to pan to test the surface at a non conspicuous area and found it non reactive to out of the bottle muriatic acid so we used a diluted solution and it came off almost immediately with no damage to the pan whatsoever. Clients are super happy with the job and the checks deposited :)

Thanks again for the replys,

R&G Home Services

Tool Guy - Kg 10-20-2020 09:33 PM

Muriatic acid used indoor is strictly off limits for any job I'm ever on. It's waaaaaay too dangerous indoors. It can inflict permanent scarring injury to your lungs just from breathing in the vapors. Glad nobody was hurt.


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