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Hamilton 08-27-2015 10:16 PM

My website was hacked, but its fixed
For those who pm me, and the occasional website viewer who has found their way here due to my posts...My site has been updated, virus free and no longer has a malware warning. I've contacted Google, submitted what I needed to, received confirmation from them that www.hamiltontileandstone.com is clean. Dave Mesivich, I really appreciate your help. I had a little residual clean up on my side but it was all due to Google and their system. Cheers. www.hamiltontileandstone.com is clean :tup2:

John Bridge 08-28-2015 05:51 AM

Glad you got it straightened out, Jack. :)

muskymike 08-30-2015 08:44 AM

Jack, mine is hacked too. What did you do to fix it?

Hamilton 09-09-2015 12:19 PM

Mike contact DaveM. When you regain access go into your site and update everything. Security, plugins etc. Change your password also. Most browsers will show your site as flagged to be harmful. You want to go into google webmaster tools and look for the security tab on the left. It should have information on how to remove the flag.

I forget the exact steps but I had my son copy and paste a line of code from the webmaster tools-somewhere, which I'm not going to be real helpful with.

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