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umichteach 09-17-2007 09:24 PM

Plumbing help - Tub diverter sticking?
We purchased a Delta 17 series 3-part series (showerhead, faucet and tub spout) in spring 2007, so we've been using it less than a year. Lately after showering, when we turn off the water, the diverter stays in the "up" position and doesn't drop to let the remaining water in the pipe drain out the tub spout. We have to manually push it down to let the water out. If we lift it when the water isn't running, it drops 100% of the time and doesn't seem to stick (after adding some lubricant). But it still sticks after running water through the showerhead. Do you have any advice for how to fix this or why it might be happening? The person buying our house wants this repaired, and we aren't sure if we should call a plumber or try something else.
Thanks so much for any advice you can provide.

Tool Guy - Kg 09-17-2007 09:32 PM

Sounds like your buyer if being a wee bit picky. :shrug: But if I was in your shoes, I suppose I'd take off the spout and clean off any hard water deposits that might be adding just enough "stick" to keep the diverter from dropping.


ckl111 09-17-2007 09:35 PM

It's a common occurrence. It's a combination of wear on the diverter and mineral build up. I would just change the spout if you have already tried cleaning it. Replacements are less than $20 at HD. You do not have to get a "Delta" replacement unless they are insisting on the exact same look.

Can you tell if its a slip on spout or threaded on a brass nipple?

umichteach 09-17-2007 09:46 PM

It's a threaded spout. I guess we'll have to take it off to clean it. We were just hoping to avoid that. What should we dip it in or clean it with? We don't want to ruin the finish. I think it's brushed nickel. ?? Actually, would it be possible to stick it in a bowl of solution to avoid removing the spout? Sorry, just a lot of work for something that seems minor to us. Thanks again!!

ckl111 09-18-2007 05:34 AM

If its brushed nickel than it is best to try and clean it first since a new one would most likely need to be special ordered.

Removing it is very simple. Just turn the spout counter clockwise. It's hard to tell you what to dip it in because it depends on the cleaners you have available in your area and the type of spout (plastic , metal). You could start off with soaking it it vinegar to dissolve mineral deposits. It will take a while (overnight) but it should be safer to the finish. Commercial lime removers like CLR will work much faster but READ THE LABEL on how to use it properly and what finishes it's safe on.

I suppose you could also try spraying a product like "Lime Away" up the spout and letting it soak a bit if you don't want to remove it. Again, READ THE LABEL to see if it is safe for the finish of the spout.

I agree it is more of an annoyance than a serious problem. It will happen again in a few months after you clean it and will become a maintenance issue. I've learned to live with it just like everyone else.:D

Addendum: You didn't mention what kind of tile you have in the bath so be VERY careful if it is any type of natural stone (marble, travertine, etc.). These types of acid based chemicals will damage the finish of the tiles.

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