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jackrterrier 03-16-2003 03:02 PM

New look??? What happened???
Hit the refresh button.... things look different. Am I just out of it???

Bud Cline 03-16-2003 03:15 PM

Nope you're not "out of it".


You haven't been around here long enough to witness John cleaning up his act but that is what has happened.

John used to (for years) speak-out frequently and speak his mind but during the past several months John has been cleaning up his act. He is now in the "Public Relations" business and his sharp tongue is no more. Hell he has even found a spot in his heart for The Home Depot.

One day I too will wise up and temper my comments but until my day of prostitution I intend to remain Bud.

I kinda like the new look actually except for the "Tile Your World" logo. The old logo was worked on very diligently by a number of people around here, now apparently it has been trashed. In fact the new logo looks very much like a logo used by I think a concrete company but I can't put my finger on it right now.


jackrterrier 03-16-2003 03:35 PM

Well, I hope Mr. Bridge doesn't go the way of 'another' moderator on another tile forum... of course, I personally think that 'other' moderator had no business moderating a tile forum, regardless of how knowledgable he is. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. That other forum tended to get quite humorous at times. The buttons were much easier to push there...

Well John, I hope you will speak your mind from time to time.

Thanks for hosting a site where people at every experience level can post their questions and thoughts.

JackOfAllTrades 03-16-2003 03:43 PM

I like Pan Am blue!!!
As for my thoughts, I really like the "Pan Am" blue scheme in the background, as it's very refreshing for the eyes IMHO.

The logo is pretty good too, but I am more concerned about how the page background color looks, as this baby blue is more stimulating to look at than the darker scheme of before.

Güd verk!!!

PS: No, I'm not German!

tdoyon 03-16-2003 04:31 PM

I came to a search on door flashing/tyvek and these odd spring-like colors appear with a <gulp> home despot logo at the top. :eek:

John are you still here? What happened?

John K 03-16-2003 06:00 PM

The colors are great.

Bud. If you were getting the cash that Johns going to get. You would shut up too.:D

John Bridge 03-16-2003 08:39 PM

There is no cash at present.

I hope there will be some cash in the future, which I intend to share with the moderators who run this site. It's not just John Bridge. The costs of running the site are mounting. It no longer runs on a $20 a month hosting plan. We have our own server now and it costs real money.

John has not changed his mind about anything, and he has certainly not prostituted himself to anyone. This forum is, has been and will remain a free marketplace of ideas. I believe in that.

Cami A. originally concieved the phrase "Tile Your World," and the old logo was the work of a number of people here. Cami A. happens to be the lady who designed the page you're looking at -- with the help of a number of people here (including Dave M., who makes the thing work). :)

The new logo was done by an ad agency. At first I didn't like it, but I stared at it a while and it grew on me. Stare at it a while and you'll like it too. :D

It's only my opinion, but I think the new look is bright and cheeful. I hope everyone remains cheerful when they're on the site. ;)

JTG 03-16-2003 09:16 PM


We have a new look for Spring. Ok by me.
And to all who will wear the green tomorrow.
Happy St. Patrick's Day

JackOfAllTrades 03-16-2003 09:30 PM

Cheerful and Happy!
That was my first reaction when I saw the "Pan Am" (my favorite airline of all time) blue background ... it just woke me up, and I got a lot of sleep last night already ... I didn't even see the logo until I scrolled to the top, and I thought it looked very professional. I really like the three tiles pointing to the right. It gives the logo movement, and draws the eye to the advertising links to the right of the header. I should know ... I'm in the same field ... web/graphics design. Like I say ... I'm Jack of all Trades, and the latter part is ... MASTER of NADA!!!

I'm a home-grown wacko still trying to find my passion, that's why I'm taking up real estate with my wife to boot. But I have a lot of fun with what I do, and it pays the bills, so life goes on.

Why did I say all that? I'm sorry to digress ... great site colors!!!

I'm one happy guy! :yipee:

drew 03-16-2003 09:55 PM

Cheerful at all times! :eek: Do we gotta be PC around here too now? There goes the joke thread :D

Just kiddin John, you run a terrific establishment here, I recommended it to a few local folks who have reported back with words of praise & thanks. It's good PR and it's gotten me one job, hopefully anyway, should hear back from them in a week or so, once the budget on the project gets worked out. And it helped me get out of a little foyer floor job, without upsetting a former customer, that's referred a ton of work to me over the last couple of yrs. He never even posted a ?, just used the search and the liberry and saved himself some cabbage with a little sweat equity. It's a win-win situation for all in my book. Keep up the excellent work John, and everyone else that chips in to make this place work so well. :bow:

Bud Cline 03-17-2003 12:56 AM

This evening I received an email from John Bridge (the first in a long time), this email "ordered" me to retract my above statement or suffer the consequences of being banned from this site.

I have considered John's threat and decided that if John doesn't want my comments here/there then John can delete them himself.

John says I am rude but frankly I don't think so, a little coarse at times but that comes from raw honesty and some people can't handle those who are as candid as I am. I'm sorry.

I participated in the building of and the popularity of this site, in fact I was the creator of some of the features and felt really good about this place and looked forward to being compensated for my efforts no matter how small the compensation, only to be muzzled and deleted from any proceeds that someday may be realized.

I refuse to be thrown away like an old bucket because I am an honest person. I am not the one that is changing and I am not the one with a hidden agenda. I am also not a troublemaker. I have always stood up for what I believed and stood proud of my behavior.

So...John, if you want to ban me go ahead that's your decision but don't ever try to shut my mouth that will be your mistake. I am not Albert, I do not work for you, and you can not crush me simply because you don't like me.

thoughts added by moderator Sonnie Layne:

And it is progress! Progress often brings along with it control. The control to completely delete this thread has been set aside by myself as moderator. I'm quite certain that Mr Bridge would appreciate this decision. THAT is pc.

No one owns this site, nor will any company contribute to the operation of this site to the point that we adjust our individual opinions (nor armpits) to their benefit. It would be nice to have sponsors, but when it gets down to it, they have their own web precense(s).

Out of consideration of a few opinions that have the right to be heard, Mr. Cline's statement remains. Consideration of right is the only reason. There is much history behind this discussion for all you new-comers. This website is not strewn with the disdain and disrespect shown here. History should not rule, but be remembered.

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