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TileGuyCanada73 10-05-2021 03:09 AM

Looking for pictures of large rooms with 12*24 tiles in a 1/3 offset brick pattern
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I'm really having a hard time visualizing this. Most of the pictures I can find online either have a 50% offset brick pattern or a 1/3 offset staircase/step pattern. This is a diagram showing the pattern I am looking for but I'd like to see it on a big floor with big tiles. Have any of you done an install like this?

Shady at Best 10-08-2021 01:31 PM

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This came up very first when I googled it. This isn't alternating like your pic. But it's your other layout choice. Your local tile showroom will likely have a large area covered this way.
Most of us would agree that 1/3 offset looks better than 50/50 when it comes to large tile on the floor

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Shaklee3 10-08-2021 03:43 PM

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Here's my bathroom. It's not huge, but it's 1/3 steps.

Davy 10-08-2021 07:32 PM

I usually run my 1/3rd pattern like your last post shows, not crazy about the pattern in your first post.

smifwal 10-08-2021 07:59 PM

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3 of these are in hotel and the other is my buddy's kitchen

I did the pattern you are looking for but on a plank. The customers really liked it that it had a pattern going down the middle, yep that is what I was going for I said...

Tool Guy - Kg 10-08-2021 08:28 PM

I, too, prefer the single-direction stair-step shown in post #3 rather than shown in post #1.


TileGuyCanada73 10-10-2021 03:21 AM

Thanks all. Looks like those are all the staircase pattern. I wonder why no one does the brick pattern...

Platypus 10-10-2021 05:00 AM

If your question was not rhetorical:

The 50/50 running-bond "brick" pattern does not work well with large tile since tile is almost always a bit curved, with a hump in the middle (end-to-end, one-dimensional hump). The closer the ends are to the center of adjacent tiles in the next course, the more lippage you will have since the ends sit lower than the centers, and 50/50 maximizes the difference. The 1/3 offset, or something similar like a random offset scheme that hits the zone between about 20% to 35% reduces this inevitable lippage while still providing some pleasing and functional overlap.

If there was no overlap, you would have continuous mountain ranges and valleys running along your ugly stacked pattern. [Yeah, that's right, stacked is simply ugly no matter if the tile is large or small, vertical or horizontal].

If you were asking why nobody likes the 1/3 offset that is not like a staircase as shown in the first post, it is probably the same reason that a stacked layout is ugly. There are certain rules of proportion that work, and some that do not. These rules are quite real, easy to quantify, but hard to explain why they please the eye or not. You could search for the answers by using an ancient secret: the Golden Ratio. There are undoubtedly other ratios that "work", and 1/3 is a weak but still effective substitute for Phi. Some ratios simply do not work, just as certain musical chords are pleasant to a majority of people and others are simply nerve-wracking. These can be quantified easily enough, but the underlying why they are generally pleasing or repulsive still remains a mystery.

redlude97 10-12-2021 01:12 PM

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Here is my 12x24 with a 1/4 offset. My tiles were heavily bowed so 1/3 had too much lippage for me. I did a stairstep layout too but didn't like it as much.

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