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Shady at Best 06-08-2021 11:22 AM

Am i using the deflecto meter correctly
I am replacing a standard 5' bath tub, moving the drain to the center and replacing with a shower. I have 2x6, 24 oc, on top of 4x6 that is 4 feet apart, with 3/4 t&g on top. I would prefer, because i am ocd, to use 1/2 plywood on top of the subfloor with ditra but it will cause a height issue at the doorway and carpet transition. I am using porcelian tile from the box stores and i believe the deflecto says that i am good to go as is with out using the additional 1/2 plywood for underlayment.

Any suggestions on tackling the carpet height transition if i use the 1/2 plywood with ditra? Would it be safe to use ditra or hardi on top of the subfloor and not use the additional 1/2 plywood assuming i am using the deflecto correctly?
Any benefit of using hardi and ditra together besides waterproofing?
I have about an inch to match the top of the carpet.
Thanks inn advance https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/202...da55be1709.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/202...cf0828b0b0.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/202...05b181ae2f.jpg

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cx 06-08-2021 11:46 AM


Originally Posted by Travis
with 3/4 t&g on top.

I'm guessing from your photos that you mean nominal 3/4" T&G plywood, Travis, but I dislike guessing.

The Deflectometer knows nothing at all about subflooring, it's useful only in evaluating joist structure. Not enough information about the support for the 4x6 portion to use it.

With the 24" joist spacing under the plywood you have no choice but to add a second layer of subflooring, 'specially with the patched plywood we see. Nominal half-inch is the least I would recommend.

My opinion; worth price charged.

Shady at Best 06-08-2021 01:56 PM

Thanks cx.
I will cover the whole thong with half inch and then use ditra.
Anyone have suggestions for the carpet to tile transition. 1/2" ply + 1/4"ish for the ditra + 3/8 tile + 1/4" for thinset under the tile will put me close to a half inch above the carpet.


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smifwal 06-08-2021 05:37 PM

I stack the tackstrip at the transition and then place another row behind it, the pad covers that piece of strip. You want to leave about 1/4 in gap between the tile and the strip that your carpet will tuck to. There are "ramps" that go under the carpet side but most of the time you can get away with the method that I mentioned above. I think I have used the ramps 3 times in the 21 years I have been doing carpet. I have laid a lot of rug, for the first 5 years I bet we laid about a 1000 yards a week

Tool Guy - Kg 06-08-2021 09:36 PM

Are you going to run a metal profile strip along the edge of the tile?


Shady at Best 06-09-2021 12:31 PM

So i have come to the conclusion that there is never a situation where the underpinning and subfloor is good enough to just run a cbu and tile it. So what are you guys doing? Are you completely tearing out the subfloor and adding joist every 12-16oc? Are you climbing under the house and doing the work below? Is this just a California issue? Are you not doing it and just not mentioning it here?
I never see pics of the carpet ramping up to the tile. I am sure that there are many maybe most tile installers that just cover the subfloor with a cbu or ditra and run it. But i can't let myself do that while knowing it might not be good enough.
Let's see the pictures of you guy's doubling up the plywood, or adding joist, and the carpet ramps.

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ss3964spd 06-09-2021 12:48 PM

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Carpet ramp, Travis. Can't see it really, can only feel it. Might be 1/4" thick tapering to zero about 6" from the marble threshold. I imagine they come in different sizes.

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