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MrBottleneck 01-25-2021 10:10 PM

Mike’s original 1956 bathroom remodel
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I am remodeling my main upstairs bathroom and had a question similar to a thread I looked at here at JB. Cannot post it says I am not allowed yet.

Where my 1/2 Durock meets my 1/2 Drywall (probably no taper on either piece) can or would be ok (in pro tiling standards) to simply to put a Schluter Jolly over the area where to two different pieces butt up to each other (a lil more over drywall) running vertical up the wall.
I would still use akali resistant tape and fill the crack with the thinset I will use to set the tiles.

I did this in my basement (sorry don’t know how to turn pic) bathroom I remodeled and it’s worked out fine but, this time thought I would check with the pros who do this day in day out. I’m not in the tile field.

As Red Green used to say if they don’t find you handsome maybe they will find you handy.

Thanks in advance.

Tool Guy - Kg 01-26-2021 12:26 AM

Welcome to the forum, Mike. :wave:

I don't simply butt that joint like you did. It's not bad if it worked and didn't cause any crumbling of grout that slightly overlaps the joint.

I run the Durock outside the tiled area (a few inches to a foot or so) where it meets the drywall. You can tape and finish that joint with drywall mud. Often, I'll figure out where the tile will stop and tape off the Durock just inside that line. This allows me to tape/mud the joint...along with painting before I install the tile. When the tile goes in, it just overlaps onto the paint for a super clean look...just like yours...but with less chance of cracks.


Kman 01-26-2021 12:56 AM

And make sure there's a stud where those two wall boards meet. I usually fit one in there on the flat to get 3 1/2" of "wiggle room" if I don't know exactly where they'll meet.

But you don't want the slightest movement between the two, as that will almost certainly result in the tile cracking.

MrBottleneck 01-26-2021 01:35 AM

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Oh, there’s studs there as I put in studs and blocking wherever needed.
See pic.
Difference in blocking back vs front/rear is because I will bring Durock down over lip to floor area in front/rear
Thanks Kevin

Oh, so you prefer to extend out past a ways as to obviously not create a raised area (exactly where tile starts etc) where the tape or mesh joint gets mudded. Which in turn may throw off you tile and Schluter trim.
So, if you going over the Durock are you skimming it with Durabond ( I call it hot mud) or are you skimming with bucket mud like USG blue bucket?
I really like hot mud as it’s a lot stronger but, you tell me.
Thanks Tool Guy

On a side note this will be my first time installing Ditra.
Kinda excited to see how this works.
According to the local Schluter Rep. it was kinda my only option (uncoupling membrane) to keep the height where I wanted.
Don’t think I have ever put in so many screws in my life. 4 edge 6 field.
It’s getting there as I cut out all the old plumbing today and installed all new valve etc.

The black roofing paper btw will be cut away long before Ditra. :)

Tomorrow I plan in screwing in base flange area then 3mil plastic vapor barrier going up in shower alcove.

PS: Why are my pics sideways my neck is starting to hurt.

Tool Guy - Kg 01-26-2021 09:28 PM

Yes, I’ll mix up hot mud for the first two coats over the Durock (just like with my drywall). Then switch to the blue lid for the final coat.

What setting material were you planning to use to install your Ditra to the ply? And are you planning to let it harden before installing the tiles?

As far as the sideways pictures, that’s vBulletin (Super popular software for lots of forums) being stubborn and not working with the way your phone records info on the picture file the same way other platforms like FaceBook does. I really wish they’d accommodate the wishes of literally millions of people. But they’ve been stubborn for a long time. :shrug:

MrBottleneck 01-26-2021 10:25 PM

“What setting material were you planning to use to install your Ditra to the ply? And are you planning to let it harden before installing the tiles?”

KG, I planned on using Schluter All-SET it’s what they recommend. Any experience or tips using it.
Yes, I was going to wood float in the Ditra cavities let set and cure then next day go back over a trowel in tile.
According to Schluter that’s fine and since my kids are moved out it’s just me so it won’t see any dirt/traffic prior to troweling tile in.

As far as pictures I hear you. Don’t you just love funky software.

Tool Guy - Kg 01-26-2021 11:44 PM

I like AllSet. Mix it per directions and you'll like it, too. :tup2:

I like that you're allowing it to harden before walking back on the Ditra. Doing so while it's still wet moves it a little and when you're working with materials for the first time, avoiding the extra variable is wise.

The vBulletin software is so outrageously popular that there's no excuse, in my opinion, to not have made an accommodation to make picture posting easier for everyone. :bonk: I'm finally at a desktop computer, so I can now rotate the pics for you. :)

MrBottleneck 01-26-2021 11:56 PM

Ok, thanks
I am not the most computer savvy person so, I appreciate the fixes.

I had no idea Schluter would ok the prefill on the Ditra but, from talking to local representative he stated it’s done quite often. After all thin set will adhere to clean thinset so, just make sure it’s not walked on or dirty prior to setting tile he said. That will make it easier imho at least for me.

Thanks again :)

Tool Guy - Kg 01-27-2021 12:00 AM

Using a good grout float to spread the mortar into the waffles does a fairly good job of "squeegeeing" off a lot of the excess that would normally smear on top of the waffles. That's a good thing, because excess mortar on top of the waffles likes to flake off and partially clog up your notched-trowel when you're spreading mortar to set the tile. :) You will be spreading the mortar into the waffles from multiple directions to get them properly filled. :tup1:

MrBottleneck 01-27-2021 12:52 AM

Thanks for tip on multi directional spreading.
I happen to have a few grout floats so, that will work great.
I might have to snag a small margin trowel to get under the (copper pipe) heater element (baseboard radiant heat) but, other then that I think I’m good.

MrBottleneck 02-09-2021 05:13 PM

Well progress is being made
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Between taking care of mom and other things finding time to get this project finished has been rough.
I have at least finally gotten all the Durock and Drywall up.
I reckon it’s time to start mudding.

There are some gaps where the old plaster over laminated cement board meets the new drywall side walls (I left the high center ceiling outside shower) so, I reckon it best to prefill those with hotmud prior to taping?
Or is it better to use some mesh on the fill with hotmud let dry then tape as usual?

Other then that once that’s done and all is mudded and sanded I will get to laying the Ditra and doing the floor then comes the shower wall tile.

MrBottleneck 02-23-2021 02:30 PM

More progress it’s slow, but getting there.
2 Attachment(s)
Attachment 218542Been busy lately dealing with an elderly parent so, progress has been slow but, that’s no big deal.
Anyhow, the room is finally mudded and I got started painting (the ceiling) yesterday.
I might start painting the walls today.

So, I was thinking since I am using Schluter All Set to adhere my Ditra to floor should I really use it on top for the tile (as Schluter says that’s fine)?
Is there a better alternative like say a Laticrete unmodified thinset for on top of the Ditra that might be a better choice?
Which unmodied Laticrete for adhering tile to Ditra?
Or just use ALL SET for below and above?

Thanks fellas.
Here’s the progress.

Lazarus 02-23-2021 03:12 PM

AllSet is fine, but we have used Versabond as well....works fine.

MrBottleneck 02-23-2021 05:23 PM

Ok, thanks Lazarus All-Set it will be then. :)

One other question can I just use that to set my tile on my Durock on walls as well as I am sure I will have more then enough as I bought 2-50lb bags?

Kman 02-23-2021 08:48 PM

Yes, you can use it for that application.

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