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tileywiley 05-20-2022 09:09 PM

Filling between gypsum greenboard & permabase cement board?
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Hi all, hoping to get some advice. Partially through repairing a failed shower pan/curb, previous contractor had glued tile directly on wood around the shower opening/curb and glued tile to greenboard on the shower walls. I've replaced the bottom 20 inches of the shower wall and encased the opening/curb with permabase plus. What can I use to fill in the inch or so gap between the gypsum greenboard and the permabase as in the pictures?

My plan to is to apply liquid waterproofing (redgard/aquadefense) and fabric waterproofing (corners/seams/etc.) over the permabase, existing greenboard and whatever I use to patch the gap between the greenboard and permabase.

Since this is in the shower, drywall compound is not going to work. I'm thinking either thinset or expanding foam under mesh tape (Great Stuff Gaps & Cracks). I'm leaning toward Aquadefense over Redgard because it's got gypsum listed on it's TDS, and Great Stuff instead of thinset to fill the gaps.

cx 05-20-2022 09:51 PM

Welcome. Please put a first name in your permanent signature line for use to use. :)

So long as you understand that what you're doing is nothing more than a temporary patch until you're ready to replace that shower, I suppose you could do something like what you've got in mind. Won't meet code, nor does it comply with the ceramic tile industry standards.

You'll wanna look at the TDS for that AquaDefense again, too. You'll note under "Interior Only" it says "Gypsum wallboard (walls only, in approved application
areas only)." Yours would not be one of the approved applications.

You can certainly use it if you want, but you're very far from any recognized method of constructing, or repairing, a residential shower.

What you need to do is replace that shower. You might buy a little time with your repair, but it won't be a lot.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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