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muskymike3 11-30-2006 06:29 PM

Bathroom renovation questions
First time posting but I've been following this site for a while now. Decided to renovate our small master bath. Totally gutted the bath is around 7X8. So far I've gutted the bath walls and ceiling. I removed the shower stall and reframed 2 of the shower walls with 2x6's. I have a niche framed into the wall just above where the shower valve will be. Pitched bottom of niche and will cement board the whole stall and ceiling and then regard over that. I'm ready for the shower base which is a florestone terrazzo base. Heavy but should stand the test of time. Installed 3 ceiling lights and moved some wires to install a pocket door. the pocket door may end up being the real sweet part of this project since the door no longer swings into the bath. With the new larger shower the door would have swung into the shower. I have a small space behind the shower valve about 2x3. I'm going to frame that and install a built in cabinet with some open shelves and a door. If I need to access the shower valve I can just pull out the cabinet.

I need some advice and have a few questions. Instead of starting a bunch of different posts I'll put my questions so far on one. I hope that is OK

1. My shower is 30 x 36 and will have 3 walls. In a small bath what do you recommend for tile size?? Busy usually makes things look smaller. I was thinking around a 6x6 tile may be best.

2. One shower wall will be on a finished sheetrock wall of the bath. the tiles will end and be finished with a bullnose tile. How do I make the finished transition from the cement board to the sheetrock?? I'm not tiling the whole bath so part will be painted. can I tape and spackle the area that these 2 pieces meet and just tile over it a bit. The tiles will stop just past the shower base.

3. I'll be using regard ( 2 coats) on top of the cement board can I snap or draw lines on the redgard? celing will be covered with regard also. I will cut slits in the vapor barrier on the insulation. the ceiling is the only area of the shower on an wall exposed to cold the rest are interior walls.

4. I liked the looks of a small porcelin tile but it had small pours in it. In the shower area would that hold water and grow mold?

5. I purchased a wet saw Felker TM-75. should I also buy a tile cutter or for the small jobs I have should I save the money and just use the saw?? I'll be tiling the floor in this bath and in a year or so working on the main bath. small bath will get about 100 sq feet of tile.

6. I'm thinking of bringing the tile out of the shower and wrapping it around the room just above the heigth of the sink. would that be to busy in a small bath?

7. cement board- inside corners I assume they get mesh tape and thinset?? how about outside corners on the niche. Can you explain how I should apply these. I believe I imbed the tape in a thin layer of thinset? Am I looking to feather edges way out like on sheetrock or should it just be flat and as narrow as possilbe

Thank You for you time and I love this site. You guys never get on anyone, well... at least not yet!!
I know you have a very helpful Muskymike on the site and If my user name is a problem let me know and I'll change it. I've used Muskymike3 ever since ebay came out. I'd hate to change now because I have a bad memory so I need to make things simple in life.
I like the pics of the work you guys do it's some pretty amazing stuff


Davy 11-30-2006 06:44 PM

Hi Mike, welcome.

1. Tile size is up to you, we use alot of big tiles in showers these days, folks like the idea of less joints.

2. Yes, you can over lap the transition with tile. It's best to use thinset as much as possible in the areas under the tile.

3. I like using an ink pen or fine tip marker on Redgard.

4. Porcelain tile won't be a problem in a shower as long as thinset is used, not mastic or pre-mixed thinset.

5. I would use the tile saw for all the cuts.

6. I don't think it's too busy, I have a small bath (kids bath) that I tiled the whole thing, floor, walls and ceiling.

7. Yeah, just fold the tape around the edge and apply thinset over it. You can feather it out some if it needs it, no harm in doing that. :)

muskymike3 11-30-2006 08:37 PM

Thanks Davy.

I'm taking my time with this project to avoid any oversights, doing that and finding this site has helped me quite a bit.

Thanks for your help

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