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David-DIYer 10-23-2020 07:51 AM

Knee wall not level - What would you do?
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Hi folks,

I searched the forums, and though I found some great information, I couldn't find the answer to my very specific question.

I have above average DIY skills, but far from being professional. I rebuilt my entire shower and went with the Kerdi system, with 2 coats of Ardex 8+9 (72 hour flood test PASSED!). I originally purchased an e-book about 10 years ago when the old shower first started leaking.

As I don't have much experience with this large of a project, and all the various skills needed, I made some mistakes - The biggest mistake is not correcting the knee wall (short wall between shower and tub) for level, see photo below:

I just ordered the glass for my shower, and after getting final measurements, I realized how out of level this wall is (The outside walls are perfect, and I did add blocking), and the guy at the glass shop gave me plenty of warnings, that even though I went with his recommendation of using U-channel in this location (instead of clips) that I'm going to likely have serious problems installing the glass myself.

This small knee wall was a headache for me trying to get the tiles perfect, and for sure I would've rebuilt it if I had to do it over.

Yes, it's slightly over 1/4 inch between those 2 "X" measurements!

Question: If this was your own project, what would you do? Is 1/4" not that big of a deal since U-channel gives some room for play? Or would you pop off enough tiles on the knee wall and deck tub, and correct this issue?

Thanks in advance,


cx 10-23-2020 07:56 AM

Welcome, David. :)

If I understand your drawing, it's not the level top of that wall that's the problem, but the fact that it's not plumb. Would that be correct?

David-DIYer 10-23-2020 08:06 AM

Hi CX! Thanks for the prompt reply. I realized I should've referenced the diagram below when I stated the wall is not level.

You are correct, the vertical edge of the knee wall is not plumb.

All other vertical surfaces are plumb, and the tub deck (top of knee wall) is level.

Thank you!

cx 10-23-2020 08:15 AM

In that case I'd have the fixed glass cut to fit the existing and remind myself to do better at framing the walls in future.

My opinion; worth price charged.

David-DIYer 10-23-2020 08:32 AM

Wow, I didn't even think to request the glass be cut to account for my poor workmanship. But a great idea, and I wouldn't need to remove and redo that section of tiles/wall!


john619 10-23-2020 10:21 AM

absolutely have the glass templated to accommodate the out of plumb section. Hopefully your tile size and pattern do not accentuate it, but its only off 5/16".

But I would not attempt the glass install DIY and leave that to a glazing pro.

David-DIYer 10-23-2020 11:12 AM

Thanks for all the input. I originally intended to do the whole project (full bathroom) myself. I think I'm in over my head with the glass install, I'll pay the pros to do it.

Thanks again guys, much appreciated!


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