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dizzy2908 01-14-2020 11:12 AM

Archway finishing advice!!
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I am a DIYer with some tiling experience. Regarding tiling outside corners, I have done bullnose and mitered cuts. However, I have been asked to help with a project to tile a kitchen with subway tiles. There is an archway pass through. The archway will not be tiled, so my question is how to finish where the tile meets the archway. I will obviously have to cut the radius in the tile so that would negate any bullnose finishing and since the archway isn't being tiled, that would eliminate mitered joints as well. Any advice on how to finish subway tiles along an archway curve would be very helpful. I've attached an image. The white wall will be tiled, the archway that is orange will not be tiled.

cx 01-14-2020 11:20 AM

Welcome, Dan. :)

It's possible to put a suitable edge on thru-body porcelain tiles or stone tile, but even that will be difficult with your curved edges.

I think you're probably limited to finding an edge profile material that is flexible enough to go around the arch and cover the tile edges.
I know Schluter makes a wide selection of profiles, some of which are somewhat flexible, but I don't recall the names of the ones that are bendable. Perhaps someone else will or perhaps you can find a selection online.

My opinion; worth price charged.

dizzy2908 01-14-2020 11:32 AM

Thank you! That's what i figured I would have to do. Thank you for confirming. I believe they are going with ceramic tile which would not give a nice edge unlike the porcelain and stone. But you are right, even with those materials it would be extremely difficult to get a smooth clean edge (for someone who doesn't do this all the time anyway). I will definitely look into the Schluter products.

HooKooDoo Ku 01-14-2020 01:18 PM

What size tile are you using?
That archway seems to be 6' to 8' wide, and doesn't have a very tight radius. If you're using 4" to 6" tile, I think approximating the archway with strait cuts on the tile will be good enough.

dizzy2908 01-14-2020 01:35 PM

Thanks for the reply! I am not so much worried about cutting the radius. What is concerning me more is after I cut the ceramic tile, it will have an unfinished edge that isn't glazed and/or will not be visually appealing, unlike if it was on a straight corner where I could use a bullnose tile. But you are right, that the straight cuts would be cleaner than curved cuts.

Houston Remodeler 01-14-2020 11:36 PM

Using whole tiles stood on end (sailor style) would look cool with a keystone in the center. That way all your cuts would be in the field, at the top of the whole tiles

Houston Remodeler 01-14-2020 11:40 PM

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Or use a bullnose along the bottom edge....

Davy 01-15-2020 06:39 AM

That's what I would do. Pie shape pieces of bullnose and cut the field tiles into it.

dizzy2908 01-15-2020 02:58 PM

Thank you all for the replies! It looks like I definitely have some options. I was thinking about doing the pie shapes, but didn't know how it would look since I am not tiling the inner part of the arch (e.i. would there be little overhangs visible from the other side).

cx 01-15-2020 03:26 PM

No, Dan, you could let those wedges die at the wall/arch junction with nothing at all visible from the opposite side. A little tedious, perhaps, but doable.

Houston Remodeler 01-15-2020 07:51 PM

And we forgot to mention --- you're about to find out how uneven that arch really is. :scratch:

The arch in the pictures I posted were self made, exact copies of each other. (copied from the library on the first floor)

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