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Mike Kimball 08-15-2001 10:50 AM

A great big howdy to all......... This summer has probably been one of the best summers for me and my family for a long time. We have used our condo up in Birch Bay,withall ourgrandkids and familys,friends. Have had a chance to talk to Foxie, Dick Dodson,and Gary Walker. My wife of38 yrs.and I have really enjoyed. She is also a sprint car nut, so we go to Skagit Speedway to watch the races when we are up there. I have been to Alaska for a fishing trip, we caught King salmons up to 45 lbs. Spent 4 days in Pelican, Ak. What a blast. Going again at the end of Aug. for silvers and Halibutt. Been to the interor of British Columbia at a cabin on Lake Chanuigan and caught Rainbows from 3 to 5 lbs. on a flyrod, that was totally awsome. We fish,ride the ATVs,do some work on the cabin, gather firewood and just relax. The only bad thing going this summer is the forest fires,we havent had any on the west side of the Cascades,YET, but everything is so dry and we still have time left till the rains come. We are keeping our fingers crossed.
I would like to be counted in on the get together next summer. I think that would really be a gas for all of us to be together again after 45 yrs.

I hope that all are in good health andhaving a great summer. Love to hear from anyone and all. Can be reached at mkimball@olypen.com.

Mike Kimball

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