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cleetus 05-28-2020 06:41 AM

Referral for Austin,TX
Hello all—
Newbie here, but as I’ve gone down this rabbit hole of a bedroom renovation that turned bathroom renovation I’ve actually read quite a bit on the site, particularly about Kerdi installs. Also, I love that “being nice” is such a qualification here.

Let me first say we didn’t take on this project “voluntarily,” but have been dealing with a lot of rot/mold (and more) issues in a 45 year old house and, long story short, I have my bathroom gutted and reframed. Should be getting the plumbing and electrical squared away in the next week or three. I’m pretty handy, and have so far done all of the work myself, but the more I read about Kerdi, tile, etc.—and having seen a lot of crappy tile work over the years by so-called “professionals”—I think I’ve about decided to bite the bullet and hire a professional. Couple that with the craziness of trying to reopen a restaurant in the middle of all of this COVID business, and it kind of sealed the deal.

Having seen so much helpful advice here by true professinals, and sharing much of the disdain for sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, etc., I opted to use you fine folks as my first resource for recommendations. I finally pulled the trigger and called Brad Bressler yesterday morning, only to get a voicemail saying he wasn’t taking new work. I’m hoping he replies to my voicemail asking for his recommendation, but in the meantime wanted to reach out to you fine folks and ask if there are any other experienced professionals in the Austin, TX area you would recommend. Should be a pretty simple job, just looking to replace a removed tub with a walk-in shower. Thanks in advance for your help.

srii 05-28-2020 11:15 AM

No help here as I'm in the same boat as you are. Same city, also. I was coming here to post the exact request.

Read about Brad in another thread but couldn't find his number anymore. Another person I found from this site was Lewis (Joseph I think) in RR. I reached out to him via his email and phone, no luck either.

I wonder if there's anyone active on this site who will do Kerdi/Durock for our area. I have materials ready to go but don't know how to or where to look for a pro for this. I think I'm not having any luck because the job is small (just a bathroom).

I'm hoping to see replies to your request, too. Good luck!

PS: Please share if you have leads from Brad or J Lewis. Thanks I advance.

ceramictec 05-28-2020 03:39 PM

Brad retired from the tile biz end of last year.

ceramictec 05-28-2020 03:45 PM

I was told Oscar Barradas is in your area.

John Bridge 05-29-2020 09:57 AM

Hi folks, :)

I live forty miles out of Austin and have been long "retarred," so I'm not going to be a lot of help, either. I suggest you call Schluter (makers of Kerdi) and ask for the number of the rep nearest you. That person will be able to recommend installers of the Kerdi shower system. 888-472-4588

cleetus 05-29-2020 05:55 PM

You mean the John Bridge himself is 40 miles south? Come on, John, encore!!

Just In Tile LLC 05-29-2020 07:57 PM

Headed to Austin tomorrow to look around at houses and drill through some tile for a shelf for my wife’s friend. . Thinking of moving to the Lago Vista area but open to any area between Austin and San Antonio

cleetus 05-29-2020 10:20 PM

Thanks Justin, sent you a message.

cleetus 06-01-2020 11:15 AM

So unfortunately Justin is a bit too far away and isn't able to take a look...still looking for names if anyone has any.


navyson 06-06-2020 06:12 AM

Oscar Barradas. Oops, already posted!
My search on Tile Geeks didn't yield anyone other than the guys mentioned.

John Bridge 06-06-2020 06:30 AM

Yep, John Bridge himself sits out here in the hills on a couple acres and spends his time working on the place. :)

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