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precison_tile 09-08-2013 11:43 PM

Rectangular floating shower seat
Hi everyone.
I've been away from the forums a while, but have some great pics that I will post shortly :)

In the mean time I have a project that I need some opinions and facts on. I am building a 3'x5' former bathtub surround into a mud pan + curb shower. Tub is gone, drain was moved to the center of the shower space and all is pretty much a piece of cake.
Except for 1 thing.

A seat. ( not in the original estimate )
The GC is a relative of the homeowner and of course wants a "family discount"
SO I bid the thing lower than than normal because of that, and the thing is pretty much as stock and plain Jane as they come.

So when I came Saturday morning to install the pre-slope and pan liner to set it up for flood test he had this 2x4 wood framed seat skeleton that was 18" x 12". the 18" side takes half of the 36" width and its a tiny 12" deep seat. and it has some funky angled 2"x4" brace/corbel thing happening underneath that he wants me to wrap my membrane around and call it good.
I told him, You know the bid was for a plain mud shower, not a rectangular corner bench that intersects with my pan liner. I said, it may be easy for you and take 10 min to cut and nail up the wood, but for me, you just made a whole bunch more work and cost for the tile guy.

SO i suggested a triangular corner bench suspended (better bench) It will hold any size person and will hold up nicely with normal use. He said , the home owner wants a rectangle. I said, then just frame it all the way to the floor and we willl make that work with additional membranes ($$)
He said she HAS TO HAVE a 12x18 rectangle with or without corbels.

The Home Owner wants a custom seat at a steep discount and I told her, this is an upgrade and is going to look like @ss because of the 12" tiles and their refusal to buy bull nose to trim the edges. anyway, I think they are making it to too much and it (IMO ) looks like it was an after thought 3...... because it was.
I said minimal is better and 90 degree points are hell on the knees and shins...
I even suggested making a free floating granite slab for the seat..
The GC started to get that picture and said he has some 3cm scraps that will bring to show her what a single shelf will look like.

My question is this.. What provisions beyond backing need to be made for a seat that you can just out and buy (better Bench)
2x6 blocking, yes he did that.
Some one was posting some pretty awesome suspended seat photos on here last winter, I wonder what do you guys think about this woman needing a 12x18 rectangle?


p.s. photos would be very helpful to convince the customer. :)

cx 09-09-2013 06:25 AM

Pete, you might try the Benches section in the Alumni Album forum. You might find a photo in there that you like.

I'm not seeing how you'd use a Better Bench to make a 12x18 bench, but I've used only their corner benches and don't know that you can't do what you propose with one of their corner braces at the end. Making that look presentable might be a challenge.

A cantilevered brace through the wall to support the free end might work, depending upon your structural situation.

My opinion; worth price charged.

Tiger Mountain Tile Inc 09-09-2013 07:05 AM

I would think a square foam bench would be your best bet. Here's a link for Noble.

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