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Brett Lane 01-23-2007 07:43 PM

Shower Tile / Backerboard / Grout Questions
I'm doing a shower remodel with cast tub and tile walls.

Q1: the cast tub doesn't have a proper flange which runs up behind the 1/2" Hardibacker, it's more of a short lip that's only about 1/4" high. The guys who installed the backerboard left a varying gap between the bottom of the Hardibacker and the tub 'lip'. Should I caulk this gap (which varies from 1/8" to 1/4" prior to installing the tile about 1/8" above the tub (which I would then also caulk where the tile / tub meet)? What about the vertical corners where the backerboard meets at 90 degrees?

Q2: I'm using 3/4" x 3/4" glass tile which comes in 13" x 13" mesh backed sheets (I know, it's not practical for shower application...but it looks great) and it has 1/16" joints. Tile manufacturer says it's possible to use either unsanded or sanded grout but grout manufacturers typically suggest using only unsanded grout on joints less than 1/8". The Mapei Keracolor unsanded grout has proven tough to get out of the small divots :confused: on the front of the tile. If I proceed with using it, are there any suggestions to getting the face of the tiles really clean?

Q3: Hired a 'professional' to install shower tile who has since been fired for doing a really terrible job on the big wall of the shower (5' x 6'). After I let him go, I realized he used Mapei Type 1 Mastic. It was only after I did my own research that I found out mastics are not supposed to be used in wet environments. Should I tear it out and eat ~ $300 in tile or carefully grout and maintain it?

Thanks for any help or advisement...


Davy 01-23-2007 08:25 PM

Hi Brett, welcome. Silicone will work well in that gap. What are you going to use as a barrier? Is there poly or felt behind the CBU? If not, you may want to apply Redgard over the CBU.

I usually use sanded grout with glass tiles, even with the small joints. The sanded grout will force into the joints okay.

It's up to you on the tile done with mastic. If it's on a wall that's down near the bottom, I'd take it all out. :)

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