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thegoat52inch 01-22-2012 12:20 AM

Yet another tub/vapor barrier question...
Hey Everyone,

Right now I am tiling my shower/tub area. I have installed a vapor barrier behind hardibacker, and the vapor barrier extends over the top of the tub lip so that water will be directed into the tub. I installed the backer board so that it rests 1/8" ABOVE the tub flange. This is not meant to be a debate on whether placing the backer board above or in front of the flange is better.

With my current arrangement I have two questions.

1. Is it necessary to seal the vapor barrier to the tub flange?

2. After I install the tile, will it be necessary to seal the gap between the bottom of the tile and the tub deck? It seems that the purpose of having the vapor barrier is to direct the water to the tub, and if that gap were sealed, wouldn't water pool up in that location?

Thanks in Advance for your help,


vrusso123 01-22-2012 08:47 AM

as i have just been told,
1. no, it is not necessary to seal vapor barrier to tub flange.

2. yes, seal tile to tub. latex/acrylic caulk deteriorates but is easier to use and comes in many sanded/unsanded colors. silicone lasts but is a pain to clean up ( i use charcoal lighter fluid, though im sure i will be repremanded for telling you this). also, it is hard to get colored/sanded.

http://www.earthmasterproducts.com/ is a good product.

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