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SpaceCadet 09-08-2019 03:46 PM

Tub surround is complete. We tried it out and nothing has burst into flames yet but I do see a non-critical problem. The enameled metal (Americast) tub is a bit warped so the front part adjacent to the pipe wall slopes toward the floor and I end up with a small puddle in that wall/tub/floor corner below. That corner is waterproofed but I'd rather not have water sitting there. I could run a bead of white silicone to keep that water off the floor but that probably wouldn't look great. Anything I could do that would work and not look like crap?

SpaceCadet 09-16-2019 04:02 PM

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Here's a light one. Installed toilet bowl and caulked around the base. Left a gap in the back. Used plain white silicone reasoning it would match the toilet. And it does but the bowl needed shimming and there's a pretty noticeable groove around the base now.
Attachment 210140
Wife doesn't see anything wrong with it but I'm not crazy about the way it looks. Is this at least normal looking or does it stand out as irregular?

My other choices are use white silicone but tool it vertically with a square piece of plastic instead of grooved, use clear silicone, or use the silicone color/texture-matched to the floor grout. Vertical tooling would be a pain to clean up, wife isn't keen on the clear, and I didn't choose the color-match in the first place because it's technically a "wall" joint. Opinions?

Kman 09-16-2019 04:37 PM

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If it needs shimming, install the shim and mark it where it goes under the toilet. Remove the shim and cut it at the mark, then reinstall the shim so it's not visible, at least not from standing height.

Then a caulk bead would hide it.

Or, option 2:

Use more caulk. :D
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Carbidetooth 09-16-2019 04:49 PM

I've found translucent silicone to be a lifesaver in cases like this. Because it's translucent it "takes on" surrounding color, but not clear and not stark like white.

Maybe too late now...

I thank my countertop fabricator for clueing me in to it. I've used both of these.




SpaceCadet 09-17-2019 06:03 AM

Thanks for the tips.

Kevin: That's pretty much exactly what I did. I mean the shimming, not the bird's nest of caulk in option 2.

Peter: It's not too late. I might cut out the white silicone and redo it. That translucent silicone is probably what I should have used.

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