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socil_butterfly 11-20-2007 02:43 PM

Tumbled Travertine backsplash sealing question
We also had a backsplash put in although we did not get it grouted by the contractors. I want to leave the little holes in it without grout. My question is do we seal it before grouting or after? I found an old archived post about travertine and stone tech enhancer and sealer. We got samples of each and are going to try it on a sample tonight. The enhancer is a sealer right? I wouldn't need another sealer if I use it?

Here are some pictures of the kitchen. It turned out better than the bath so far!


Rd Tile 11-20-2007 02:47 PM

If you like the look of the enhancer, that's all you need, yes, it's a sealer.:)

I would grout it all and fill the holes, that's the look.:)

Seal it before grouting, then if you wish, seal it all again and the grout a week later, but be carefull if using the enhancer if you seal it again, it can darken the stone even more, the grout too.:)

Normal sealer won't change the color, it might some, but 2 coats won't make a difference.:)

socil_butterfly 11-20-2007 04:01 PM

Thank you!

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