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Andrew21 07-16-2022 08:27 PM

Leak behind a finished tiled wall
Not sure where the leak is coming from but I have access to the bottom of the tub. Looking up when the shower is on and the hot water is on, it's dripping from the hot side. Now I have another leak where the drain or shoe is for the waste and overflow. I can handle that but not knowing where the leak is coming from is killing me.

If I need to get behind where the tiles are, I can use a tool to remove the grout and carefully take the tile off (doubt it). Then cut a hole into the cement board to find the pipes and fix the leak

Question is if I remove the cement board (w redgard) and I put another piece in how would I attach it to the wall if I didn't remove enough tile and cement board to find a stud? I hope I'm making sense here. Sorry I'm sweating running up and down the stairs and tired.


Tiger Mountain Tile Inc 07-17-2022 10:19 AM

It's hard to understand what's going on here.

Is the leak below the shower or the tub? Are the shower and tub the same thing or two different fixtures? Is the leaking water warm?

I've got one of these things but appears they have gone up in price quite a bit. But you'll have to decide whether the financial investment makes sense in your case. Maybe Harbor Freight has one? :shrug:

But you might be able to go in from the shower valve and take a look from in there. Is it possible to access the valve from its backside?

Davy 07-17-2022 10:29 AM

Do you have any extra tiles? It's nearly impossible to remove tiles and reuse them. What size tiles are they?

Andrew21 08-12-2022 04:52 PM

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Hey guys,

Sorry. So I thought the waste and overflow was the issue. I replaced it and when I took it apart, it literally fell apart. I'll attach a pic of the failed part.

But after putting a new waster and overflow in, I'm still getting a really fast leak. This is only when the supply is on for about 15 seconds. It comes down hard.

Thought I had to bust the wall open to see if the supply was leaking. When I did the shower body, the old one was cut out and copper couplers were put in to extend up the shower body. Not sure if thats where the leak is located. I have to bust the tiles open and was worried how I was going to put in new cement board and how to attach it if I just took out a small piece.

I still don't know where the leak is coming from. Its hard to tell from underneath the tub after my wife turns on the supply. I know its not the drain because I had her dump 2 small buckets of water into the tub only. There was no leak to be found

Tool Guy - Kg 08-12-2022 10:24 PM

What is that blob on the waste & overflow? Some sort of epoxy-putty repair? Maybe never mind that question because you’ve replaced it and it’s not part of your current leak.

If the leak does not occur when the water supply is supplying pressure to the mixing valve AND the valve is in the “off” position….

…And leaking only after you turn on the mixing valve, the leak can only be occurring from: 1) the mixing valve, 2) from the pipe between the mixing valve and the shower head, or 3) one of the joints to the pipes between the mixing valve and shower head.

What is on the back side of this plumbing wall? Accessing this from the back is almost always more desireable than trying to bust through the tile from the front.


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