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coffee4me 08-26-2007 07:07 AM

bathroom question

My name is Danny.
A couple of questions :
I'm planning on updating my bathroom.
There is paneling (48" high from the ground up) in my bathroom, around the sink area (but not in the tub area), which I want to remove and replace that with tiles.
I'm assuming that, when I remove the paneling from the drywall, it will damage the drywall.
Do I want to replace the drywall, if it get's damaged from removing the paneling, or do I replace the drywall with backerboard, regardless if it gets damaged or not ?

In the bathtub area, there are 3 fiberglass panels that surround the tub.
The look is a bit outdated, so I want to replace that with tiles.
After removal, can I just put up backerboard and tile over that ?

What adhesive to use for both projects ?

Thanks to all the people that take the time to answer these kind of questions on this Forum! I know you must heard these kind of questions a million times before... :shades:


TileArt1 08-26-2007 07:18 AM

Hi Danny,

Depending on how the paneling was attached, you may need to replace the drywall. If it is just attached with nails you should be able to remove it without damaging the drywall. If not, and the drywall needs to be replaced, you can just use regular drywall for it. There is really no need to use backerboard on a wainscot.

The best thing to do with your shower is to take it all the way down to the studs (up to the point you will be tiling) and replace it with a backerboard. (Don't forget a vapor-barrier)

Use just a regular modified thinset (powdered, not premixed) for both.

coffee4me 08-26-2007 09:05 AM

Thannk you for your reply... :nod:

I'm pretty sure the paneling is glued to the drywall. Hopefully it will come off easy.
If I understand it correctly, IF the drywall is still in good shape, I can just place my tiles on the drywall, right ?

For the bathtub area, attach vapor barrier onto the studs and backerboard over that ? Is there anything else that I need to do for prep work ?

Thank you

jadnashua 08-26-2007 08:20 PM

WHile you have the walls off in the tub area, you might look into either rebuilding or replacing the valve. I'm assuing the tub surround was not part of a one-piece tub enclosure. Your tub should have a tiling flange around it. Run the vapor barrier over the flange. Depending on the size of the tile, if that flange is high and the tile are small, you may want to shim the studs out so that the backer board can run down to within about 1/4" of the tub over the flange without bowing out. If the tile are big, you can stop it above the flange, but still make sure to lap the vapor barrier. Use some caulk in the gap.

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