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LouisvilleMike 06-16-2009 07:59 AM

Tile on exterior porch ? and terracotta tile source?
I am looking to tile and exterior porch (on poured concrete slab) in Louisville, KY ~ 400 sq ft.
I understand I need to have proper tile (frost proof) and am looking for some input:

1. Would like to use terracotta tile (house is spanish/mission style) and would like sugestions on source/supplier/brand - not alot of terracotta in KY?
2. What should I expect to pay for good quality terracotta tile for this application (material only sq/ft)? Would like to use larger size tile since area is quite large?
3. How long after pouring a concrete slab do I need to wait before tiling?
4. Should I apply some type of isolation memebrane (redgaurd) to the concrete prior to tiling?
5. With terracotta tile in this application what type of thinset should be used?
Thanks for any input/help

bbcamp 06-16-2009 08:26 AM

Hi, Mike!

1) There's not a lot of Saltillo/terracotta in Louisville because of freeze/thaw conditions there. Terracotta absorbs water too easily, and is subject to breakup if frozen. You should be looking a porcelain tile that mimics Saltillo.

2) I dunno. Depends on the tile and supplier. Traditional Saltillo is about 12, or so, inches square. Bigger tiles may be out of character. Saltillo are set with fairly large groutlines, too.

3) 28 days, unless you use Ditra.

4) You don't absolutely need a isolation membrane, but it is recommended for newer slabs.

5) If you go with the porcelain tile, a modified thinset or medium set mortar will be fine. Medium set mortars are used for larger tiles where the flatness of the tile backs and uneven substrate makes leveling the tiles too much for thinset. By leveling, I mean that all the tiles are in the same plane. Your outdoor surfaces should slope for drainage.

LouisvilleMike 06-16-2009 11:49 AM

So you are not recommending terracotta/salltilo? :crap:
Do you know of any specific ceramic tile mfg that have a good looking immitation?
What about quarry tiles? can you get these in a larger format (largest I've seen is 8x8) or rectangle? suggestions on mfg?

bbcamp 06-16-2009 12:43 PM

Quarry tiles would be OK, I think. They will be harder to grout.

Dal tile and Crossville tile are just two manufacturers. I don't know if they make a suitable Saltillo look-a-like, but you can start your search there.

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