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whk 10-09-2007 06:23 PM

Building up low spots with thinset?
This may be a dumb idea, but I'd rather hear from you than learn it first hand.

I'm going to be putting Mexican tile on a basement floor, but part of the floor (maybe 50 square feet) is about 1/2 to 1" low. I've looked around on the website, and it looks like I should use deck mud (and I've seen the instructions in the FAQ). I've got no experience with deck mud, and I don't know if it can be feathered out as needed. Instead I thought that I could just put down an initial layer of thinset, and then follow that with the usual thinset and tile installation.

I've also seen people suggest using self leveling cement, but I think that would cost an awful lot.

Thanks for the help,


Old World Tile and Marble 10-09-2007 06:39 PM

check with laticretes tech dept but there med bed mortar does 45sq ft at 1inch thick if you put a slurry coat down and mix with there latex admix it might work but feather edges are tough with traditional deck mud

james36 10-10-2007 06:48 AM

I've been researching the same issue and I have found that thinset is the wrong thing to use here - it is simply not designed to be built up much beyond 1/4" - apparently there are shrinkage and other potential issues if you try to builld it up.

Many people on this forum are fond of SLC and I'm sure you will hear about this shortly. I filled my lowspot with Mapei's Planipatch product - I was easily able to fill the low spot and feather out the edges - I used an old level to screed the whole thing flat - easy!

Shaughnn 10-10-2007 06:53 AM

It sounds like a self-leveling material really is the best solution for your project. A bag should cover 50 square feet to 1/8" depth. Yes, that means that you may be using 8 bags but that extra $200 is going to be well spent creating a flat surface AND providing stable fill. Don't forget to use the Primer on the surface before applying the SLC.
Best of luck,

whk 10-10-2007 05:05 PM

Thanks for the advice. I hadn't realized that the self leveling concrete was more dimensionally stable than a thick layer of thinset.


John Bridge 10-10-2007 05:16 PM

Hi Will, :)

SLC is certainly easier, but I'd still go with deck mud. It's not as tough as you think. As to feathering, it only needs to be feathered to within about a quarter-inch. Thin set will take care of the rest. :)

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