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jadnashua 06-07-2020 05:36 PM

Keep in mind that trying to dry fit pvc pipe and fittings usually doesn't work. The sockets are tapered and the pipe will only bottom out once you've primed and added the cement which melts the plastic. From what I've found, Schluter doesn't have much taper in their drain hub, so you probably can dry fit that, but none of the standard PVC bits. Dry fitting can leave you off by about 1/2" or more on each fitting...you need to measure carefully. Keep in mind that the stuff will continue to move for maybe as much as 20-minutes or so if it's hanging or pressure is on it. Depending on how fresh the cement is and how much you apply, the joint won't be in its final position and locked until the solvents all evaporate...depending on the conditions, and amounts involved, that can take awhile. With the taper, it can actually push the socket off of the pipe by a ways, too, unless it is held in place well by something.

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