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MA 01-13-2021 01:54 PM

On the path to fixing grout that dried light.
Is wiping the vinegar solution off with a wet towel good enough? Or do you mean to flood it with water? My problem is a vertical back splash and I don’t want vinegar on the concrete countertop.

MA 01-13-2021 02:17 PM

On the path to fixing grout that dried light.
My Bostick Unsanded Jamoca grout dried white. I just brushed with 66% vinegar solution and wiped with a damp towel. I don’t think it is working. By rinsing well do you mean a sopping wet towel? I can not find anywhere to buy Bostick colorant and sealer. So, I guess I will go with Maipei. However, I guess I will have to get new caulk to match that? So, basically since grout often dries light, it will no longer match the original caulk you bought to match. What a pain. Anyone have color charts in hand to tell me what colorant matches Bostick Jamoca? And it is probably not good enough to match my Jamoca caulk. Or, do you know a place where I can mail order Bostick colorant? That would be preferable. Thank you. This is only my most recent problem....oh, the grout has been drying at least a week. Thank you very much.

cx 01-13-2021 05:21 PM

Welcome, Mary Ann. :)

I've brought your first post here from the other visitor's very old thread for continuity and to prevent confusion.

First, is this Hydroment grout the one you used?

How long had the grout cured before you cleaned with the vinegar?

MA 01-13-2021 05:48 PM

Yes, hydroment Unsanded grout.

MA 01-13-2021 05:52 PM

Oh, sorry. It was done for at least a week before I tried vinegar. The 66% vinegar did not make much difference.

MA 01-14-2021 05:32 PM

Which is first, grout colorant or caulk?
My grout dried way too light and I have found that Colorfast makes a match in colorant for my desired color. I have the same color caulk. Which do I do first? And I sure hope you like colorfast products because it was a big effort to come up with this solution! Is there drying time between the steps? Thank you. Mary Ann

cx 01-14-2021 06:27 PM

Mary Ann, it'll help if you'll keep all your project questions on one thread so folks can see what you're working on and what's been previously asked and answered. A moderator can give it a more generic title if you'd like to suggest one.

I hope you rinsed that grout very, very well after the vinegar. Any acid on a cementitious grout is to be avoided, and the tile industry recommends you not use an acid cleaner on grout for at least ten days after installation. I expect the colorant wants the grout surface very clean and free of contaminants, too. And very dry.

I would recommend you apply your colorant before installing the caulk.

My opinion; worth price charged.

MA 01-14-2021 06:48 PM

I just dabbed the spots I vinegared with a wet towel. Probably too late to do more? The concrete countertop below is supposed to be averse to vinegar. Thank you. I will use the colorant and then caulk!

cx 01-14-2021 07:03 PM

Concrete counter top mostly made of the same materials as the grout, Mary Ann. Neither of'em like acids.

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