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userbob 05-21-2012 07:38 AM

Travertine Underlayment
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Hi, I am going to be installing a travertine floor in my bathroom. Here is a diagram of my current setup. On top of the joists (16" OC) sits 3/4" plywood sub-floor. On top of that are 3/4" thick furring strips (builder loved this technique for some reason). On top of the furring strips is another layer of 3/4" plywood. This is what the current tile is installed on and they are popping right off, making demolition pretty easy.

My question is can I install my travertine tiles (12x12) right onto the plywood or do I need yet another layer for an underlayment. I will be installing radiant heat as well. I'd rather not have to put down another 3/4" thick board to get to the 1-1/8" thick recommended underlayment thickness for travertine if I can avoid it. Is this setup strong/flexible enough?

Thanks for any help!

tilejoe 05-21-2012 09:41 AM

That's weird. Get those furring strips out of there. Replace the ply directly onto the existing 3/4" subfloor. Place the new layer at the 1/4 point of tge joist bay. Screw every 6" with decker type screws, we use senco subfloor screws, do not use drywall screws. Also, no need to use glue, and don't screw the new layer of ply into the joists.

userbob 05-22-2012 06:42 AM

Thanks for the tip. Can you explain what you mean by

Place the new layer at the 1/4 point of tge joist bay.

Are you saying that the other layers of plywood should have their edge at the 1/4 point between two joists so that the joints between the boards aren't all in the same place?

userbob 05-22-2012 09:28 AM

Makes sense.

Last question. Given that I'll be removing the furring strips, I'll need to fill that space in with another layer of 3/4" wood or my floor height will be 3/4" off from the adjoining room. Should I offset the seams of that as well? What should all be attached.

In other words, working from the basement joists up.

Joist attaches to first layer of wood.
Middle layer is offset to the 1/4 distance between the joists. It is screwed down to the first layer of wood, but not to the joists.
The top layer is offset ??? and is screwed down to ???. My intuition would be to offset it again another 1/4 and just screw it down to the middle layer.

userbob 05-22-2012 09:52 AM

Thanks for the help!!

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