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cduff 09-02-2018 11:05 AM

Did I make a mistake hiring this contractor?
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The semi-short version:
I've been slowly remodeling a bathroom in my home over the last 10 months or so (told ya it was slow!) and just recently got all of the prep done - Kerdi around the shower, Ditra XL on the floor, all ready for tile.

A friend of mine was recently having her condo redone and had the bathrooms redone. In wanting to see if I could spend a little money to help speed along the process I asked her to ask the contractor if he'd be interested in doing the shower and floor tile in my bathroom. The tile work at her place looked really good, and wouldn't have even entertained the thought if it didn't (would have doubled down on doing it myself)

So the tile guy was here yesterday - and now I'm seriously second guessing my decision. Just looking for some honest advice/feedback on whether this is acceptable/something that will disappear once I get grout in (going with white).

The issues:
I offered the contractor my tile saw after I noticed they were using an angle grinder for all the cutting and he said he didn't think they needed it.

I told him the cuts around the niche were really sloppy and I expected they would do a 45º miter on the Schluter Jolly edging on the niche.

Installed chipped/tiles with imperfections up on the wall, and all of the cuts along the edging are really uneven as a result of the angle grinder.

I had two pieces of Jolly edging available for the guy - yet they cut it and put two pieces up instead of on long piece.

They cut into my Ditra XL flooring with their reciprocating tool/hole saw and covered most of my bathroom and house with ceramic dust even with plastic up over the door.

They are supposed to come back in a couple days to do the floor. What are my options? Can the tile be safely taken off the Kerdi and new tile cut and applied along the edges or does the fleece on the Kerdi prevent that? Should I just tell them to take a hike and try and fix it myself?

Joe-Tile 09-02-2018 11:17 AM

Carl, i hate to say it but that isn't something that can be fixed. Way to many things going on that are not good. Mostly cosmetic things however I'd be concerned about the pitch on the niche base tiles as they don't look like they have any. At this point either live with it or it all has to come out. Don't think you'll have luck saving the kerdi, it will probably peel from both sides when removing tiles. I'm sorry that this happened.
Eta, the layout from top to bottom is not correct, to make it worse they started with a piece along the tub, just to end up with that sliver along the ceiling. Not good workmanship. Makes you question everything.

Davy 09-02-2018 11:23 AM

I've hired my share of installers and this guy might have made it till noon. You have to remember that all tile work (or other type work) is not equal. We know that there's always a bad apple somewhere in the bunch but with tile work, we see more bad apples than good ones.

We see this a lot, he doesn't have an eye for detail. I know a lot of installers use a grinder to make cuts but for cuts that are going to be exposed, it's not going to give you a professional look. He needs to get the proper tools in my opinion.

I can't say if the tiles will come off the Kerdi or not. There's a good chance of damaging it. What thinset was used?

I would never cut tiles with a grinder inside someone's house. I get enough complaints about dust without doing that.

Edit; I noticed the same as Joe about the layout. Not sure why they started with a cut at the tub, just to have a sliver at the ceiling.

evan1968 09-02-2018 11:32 AM

That's just shoddy work all the way around. Time to order a dumpster.
I wouldn't pay him a dime for that work. He should owe you for more material.

....and don't believe him when he says "it's not grouted yet, just wait,it will be fine."

cduff 09-02-2018 11:57 AM

To say I feel gut punched would be an understatement...

So really my only options are to leave it and live with a sub-par job and chipped tiles/poor cuts or rip it all out and start over? Uhg.

I purchased Mapei Kerabond T for the tile. Same thing I used when I did the Kerdi install.

Dave Gobis 09-02-2018 12:06 PM

That's pretty rough. Don't know how you could fix it without doing more damage. Anybody dry cutting in a house should be shown the door immediately. That is aside from the fact it is an unsafe work practice.

Kman 09-02-2018 12:34 PM

Just out of curiosity, can you post a wider shot of that second picture? I have a suspicion that part is even worse.

cduff 09-02-2018 01:27 PM

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A few more :crap:...

mark999 09-02-2018 02:11 PM

Typical, 0 thought about layout or math is not his strong point. I would be pissed every time I looked at it knowing the ceiling could of had a whole tile and the cuts at the tub and niche would of been much better.

Sorry for your fustratin.

cduff 09-02-2018 02:54 PM

What do you guys think, am I better off just keeping it (and being pissed every time I look at it) or rip it all out down to the studs and redo a few months of work?

Nether are ideal to say the least.

Kman 09-02-2018 03:06 PM

You gotta prescription for Valium? :D

Only person that can answer your question is you. If you keep it, there certainly needs to be a discussion about his pay. You can't really keep it the tile he installed and not pay, but it probably isn't worth what you agreed on.

makethatkerdistick 09-02-2018 03:28 PM

That's a redneck tile job. A professional tiler without at wet saw? Very suspicious right there. Wow, dry-cutting with an angle grinder inside the house, probably without a respirator. Isn't this guy afraid of silicosis? And those Schluter profiles could have been really nice. It's so easy to cut 45 deg. angles and fit them.

I feel sorry for you. You should have tiled it yourself.

cduff 09-02-2018 04:18 PM

Oh he had one, and I offered mine - just said he didn’t need (or I guess really didn’t feel like going) to get it out of the truck.

Also love the idea of that dust being all over my house and breathing it in and the effect it’ll have on me and my family’s health. Even though they had plastic up still concerned.

Part of me wants to make this guy pay me for all new materials and just rip it out and start over. Either way I’m stuck. The tile job isn’t done and don’t even know if I can bring myself to finish his crappy job.

makethatkerdistick 09-02-2018 05:25 PM

The thing is that most people (who admittedly aren't familiar with good industry practices or don't know much about tile in general) wouldn't even see this necessarily as bad work. But once you know about those practices and standards, it becomes an eyesore.

The good thing (aside from the optics) is that it is waterproof. And I assume the two cuts into the Ditra are irrelevant unless you flood your bathroom on a regular basis (even though it pains me to see someone cut into any type of membrane product).

I am curious to see what you decide to do. Unless you have a really good contractor on hand, you're most certainly better off doing the work yourself.

evan1968 09-02-2018 06:11 PM

Show him this thread and what his peers think of his tile work. Then have him check out our tile work for comparison. https://www.johnbridge.com/vbulletin...ad.php?t=70412

"Hey hack,give up the trade!"

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