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sloman 04-05-2006 02:53 PM

Cleaning Ceramic Tile Grout - Renter
Hello. I moved in to a rent house almost a year ago. The landlord had remodeled the house, putting down light ceramic tile in the kitchen with VERY light grout. He did NOT seal the grout.

I have a large Dalmation who has tracked in Oklahoma red dirt which has stained some of the grout...

Is there a way to clean the grout and possibly seal the grout that would be cost efficient for me, the renter? I've discussed this with the landlord and he doesn't seem to be interested in taking care of it, but I think it looks awful.

Any help would be appreciated.

Davestone 04-05-2006 03:58 PM

There are cleaners for sale here on the site that work well with a little grout brush agitation.Look above here on this page for TYW store.Hopefully that red clay didn't soak in too much.

doitright 04-06-2006 01:08 AM

Hi Sloman, Welcome! :)

Please give us a first name to address you by. :shades:

I would start with allowing a tile & stone specific high alkaline cleaner to dwell on the surface for at least 10 minutes. Agitate with brush, and pick up dirty solution with wet vac (if available), and rinse. TEST a small area first, and check for desired results.

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