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jcman001 11-22-2020 03:30 PM

Engineered HW Floor Over Thinset
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I am pulling up some 1980s tiles that are in my foyer. The plan is to use 1/2" engineered hw floors. The manufacturer specs 15# felt (aka tar paper) over the subfloor.

I popped a couple of tiles up, and there is a think layer of mortar remaining besides the troweled ridges which I of course will chip off. Per the attached photo, will just removing the troweled mortar followed by a light surface scrape be sufficient to have a stable floor? I am concerned about a "crunchy" sound when walking on it. I suppose I could test it, but am wondering if anyone has experience with this. Thanks.

Tool Guy - Kg 11-22-2020 03:44 PM

I’d also be concerned about crunching noises.

I wouldn’t be satisfied with just a light scraping. I’d want it much cleaner. Maybe 10 seconds for each square foot with an angle grinder outfitted with a diamond cup wheel and you’d be down to bare plywood. Absent that, I’d use a rub brick (available at any box store in the masonry section). The rub brick is an abrasive block attached to a handle and is like sandpaper on steroids. It will grind through the old thinset mortar with a little elbow grease. It won’t be as clean as using that power tool, but it will smooth things out nicely.


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