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gcc 11-19-2020 07:38 PM

Grab Bars
Hi all,

This question is not related to my other shower project. I am going to have to install some grab bars in my parent's shower. It's an alcove tub/shower. I don't know a lot about how it was constructed - they had it done years ago. One wall is an exterior wall and I believe it is a SOG block home.

I need to make sure the grab bars are anchored in well. I can try to find the studs on one of the side walls, but the long back wall is the exterior wall. They want/need the bars on both. IS there a good way to ancher it in the masonry wall? I believe it is a block wall with furring strips. House was built in 77. Tapcons? Try to find furring stips? Toggle bolts? What would ensure a good anchor for use?

Any tips for finding the studs through the tile of the non-masonry wall? For that I may just open up the other side of the wall and add block. Not sure.


jadnashua 11-19-2020 09:23 PM

I've used a couple of different fasteners from this company. https://www.wingits.com/products/typ..._bar_fasteners

Toggle bolts could work, but drilling into block sometimes isn't all that strong as it shatters. Tapcons are moisture resistant, but will rust over time. You may be able to buy SS toggle bolts. The furring strips may or may not provide a good bite, depends on how well they're actually anchored. Studs work, if you can find them and get something into them near their center.

This might work to 'see' what's behind the wall. https://walabot.com/static/New-DIY-V...122c228eaa.mp4

gcc 11-19-2020 09:45 PM

I’ll check those out. Thank you.

I see Moen has a system for their grab bars as well. What I am worried about is if the masonry wall only has 3/4” furring strips, that would mean only 3/4” of an inch of space for the anchor.

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