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Good Morning Flooring 08-07-2016 09:29 AM

Anyone have experience with Magna Flex Mortar?
My supply store is not carrying Ardex X5 anymore, bringing in Magna Flex instead. X5 was my go to mortar, love the stuff, and am trying to get opinions from people who have used the magna flex, or better yet, both of them, to see if it is as good as x5. I'm torn between switching, or going to a different supplier just for that one thing....

cx 08-07-2016 10:59 AM

Whose product is it, Steven? You have a link?

Good Morning Flooring 08-07-2016 04:46 PM


north american adhesives, which is actually mapei (discovered that when looking it up the other day)

The specific one is NA 3800 Magna Flex, bottom one on the mortars and adhesives list.

All the tested shear strengths are actually better then x5, which sounds great, and I'm being told that they warranty their product with Kerdi and Ditra like Ardex does with certain products of theirs, but can't find anything on their site about it, easy to find confirmation on Ardex's site.

I just haven't found any other mortar to compare with X5 for the price, and am hesitant to switch without knowing anything about the replacement.

dhagin 08-08-2016 12:17 AM

I'd ask the supplier for a couple bags to try out. Maybe Mapei Dan will chime in on it.

We hear about NA mortars occasionally, but not familiar with that one.

MAPEI - Technical Service 08-08-2016 08:12 AM

What would you like to know about it? Magna Flex 3800 is an excellent mortar and you shouldn't have any issues with it. If you do have any issues with it, we stand behind our North American brand just like we do our MAPEI brand. Let me know if you'd like to talk to your local sales rep or technical rep about the North American line.

Here is the Technical Data Sheet for 3800: http://www.northamericanadhesives.co...gnaFlex_EN.pdf

Good Morning Flooring 08-08-2016 08:32 AM

I'm mainly looking for 2 things, opinions from other installers who've used it as far as comparison to ardex x5, since that is what it is replacing at my supplier, and something in writing that guarantees that specific mortar with kerdi and ditra, like ardex has with their mortars :)

MAPEI - Technical Service 08-08-2016 08:57 AM

Send me a message with your email address and I'll send you the letter you're requesting. I'll see what I can do for some testimonials, we've sold a lot of 3800 so I may be able to track down some leads for you to talk to.

prodjsaig 05-16-2017 07:07 AM

My local tile store stopped supply x5 and has magna flex products instead. I bought a bag knowing they sell a lot of thinset so its fresh stock. It says approved for use over most membranes including uncoupling membranes, isolation ect. doesnt say any specific notables.

Im doing a couple test pieces to see if it does infact dry on its own between two layers of ditra. polymer fortified on the bag so does that mean its lightly modified? Ill wait a couple days and cut through the piece and see if it cured on its own

PetrH 05-17-2017 12:12 AM

Steven: sounds like you're using Pac Rim. I was disappointed when they stopped carrying ardex. I have been alternating back and forth between magnaflex and Ardex5 since September. The Magnaflex is a nice thinset, the main difference I find is that magnaflex does not bite into the fleece on Ditra and Kerdi quite as well as Ardex 5. So I use Magnaflex for most things, but switch to Ardex 5 when I bond Ditra and Kerdi to the substrate. On top of Kerdi I still use mostly magnaflex, but I burn it into the membrane.

prodjsaig 05-17-2017 09:45 PM

I have some magna flex (3870) that I used to embed the ditra but im not fully confident in using it over top for 12x24 tile. my test pieces were done with the more watery mixture for laying the ditra so it wouldnt be fully accurate.

I will probably get some non modified because my mortar bed will be fairly big and I dont want to wait like 10 days for it to dry

bc brick john 05-18-2017 09:07 AM

ardex 5 v mag
in the same boat but golden flooring is now carrying ardex
in BC Vancouver

found out magna flex gave me a rash on my arms to much polymer/ or something in it .
and found it to be quite sticky.

so still use 5X white no issues

not recommended but makes a nice mix is 2/3 thirds ardex X5 to a 1/3 magnaflex.

Dave Gobis 05-19-2017 07:31 AM

John, you didn't really say that did you? Need to change your signature.

prodjsaig 05-19-2017 11:04 PM

Hey hes helping an amateur out I appreciate the feedback. found out golden flooring is right by the place that sells the magnaflex bought a bag today cut and installed my tile for my fireplace as well. the x5 practically fills the ditra the first pass. quite likely saved my fireplace install. thank you

Dave Gobis 05-20-2017 08:38 AM

Colby, cement engineering by tile setters rarely works out well. Things have become a lot more engineered than in the past and product compatibility is not a given.

bc brick john 05-22-2017 08:19 AM

"John, you didn't really say that did you? Need to change your signature. "

i did state not recommended........mixing brands :shake:

never try you never know.....
if in doubt stick it in ......

just like saying don't add lime to cement mortar

when lime will cure and wont crack like portland eh!!!

or add washing up detergent to water to make plasticizer .

not recommended but its done and lots in brick mortar sand /cement :eek:

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