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Charles P 01-11-2008 07:22 PM

Mud Work
Ive been talking to alot of different tile contractors and suppliers in Colorado and new Mexico and it seams nobody does mud work out there, everybodys using hardi backer and water proof membranes. I was wondering if this was do the weather conditions being below freezing to well over 100 degrees or
if they just don't know how to float. I am considering relocating to one of these areas and need to find good suppliers that carry floating materials, metal lathe,wall float and such, I am also trying to find out the going rate on
showers, counters and floors because I live in Southern California now and I know I wont be able to charge what I'm getting out here. Ive been looking online and calling tile contractors but all I'm finding out is Hourly rates they pay and its around what a good helper out here gets 10 to 18 an hour on commercial work and I couldn't get an answer an track or remodel work. I'm going to take a test run out to Farmington New Mexico in the next couple of weeks so if anybody is looking for a hand around that time please pm me and hopefully we could help each other out. Ive been doing mud work for the last nine years and I'm the type that is not ready to give it up. Any info on this is really appreciated.

Hamilton 01-11-2008 07:32 PM

Janelle's friend lives in Aztec NM. She spoke with her recently, and her friends
dad is a builder, has been for ages. Was telling janelle alot of business' are
dead in the water. I hope Farmington isn't the same. Good luck.

Chad Deiter Company 01-11-2008 07:33 PM

Just learn the Kerdi System it's the furture of tiling anyway. I'm not sure why they don't float it could be the weather and the freezing temperatures though. Plus do you really want to keep carrying mud around. :tup2:

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