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deejam 09-16-2019 05:06 PM

Kitchen Backsplash, 4x12 porcelain, layout decision
Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for all the advice these forums have provided in the past. I'm a tile novice as i have only completed 2 personal tile jobs (a kitchen and bathroom floor which i and wife were very happy with).

This backsplash will be the third job, which is the same kitchen where i completed the floor. This past weekend i have been trying to make some final layout decisions and have a dillema i would really appreciate some feedback on.

tiles = 4x12 rectified - (Suave Bianco Polished 60-508)
www anatoliatile com /collections/mayfair

spacers = 1/16" blue horseshoe
thinset = mapei ultraflex 2
grout = mapei ultracolor plus FA (frost)

Essentially, i think my question is this:

What is more important regarding a kitchen backsplash layout? Grout line symmetry around kitchen sink/faucet/window and stove/hood area, or skinny tiles at the edge?

Right now i have 2 courses of the tiles layout on the protected countertops. I can easily shift the layout one direction or the other to avoid any cuts less than 3inches at all edges, but then the grout lines will not line up with sink/faucet etc.

When I line up the grout lines so there is symmetry with the kitchen window/sink/faucet i end up with a few skinny tiles at the edges. The skinniest tile would be about an inch thick.

I'll try to get some pics uploaded when im allowed to better show what i'm working with.

Thanks much,

Tool Guy - Kg 09-16-2019 09:08 PM

Welcome to the forum, Deejam! :wave:

One of the more important rules of design is: Do what looks good. If you rig up a mock up of each on the wall, it might speak to you enough to make the choice.

Otherwise get some pictures on here so we can impress you with our fabulous design prowess.


deejam 09-16-2019 11:36 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Thanks much, Tool Guy!

Here is an overview of the back splash wall in question. Fortunately, no corners on this south wall.

I plan to run the tile flush to the ends of the cabinets finished off with trimtec aluminum silver edging.

Here are some measurements:
160 1/4" - full horizontal length to cabinet ends. includes tile and edging
18" to cabinet overhangs
19" to cabinet bottoms
25" to hood bottom
8 3.8" to bottom of window trim

On the full wall pic, the yellow circles indicate were the narrow cuts would be. Far left edge and then both sides of the window. The skinny cuts in these 3 locations would be an close to an inch or just over.

Side note: the trim is not on the window yet, though i did put the left and right pieces in place for the sink pic.The trim will be reinstalled and windows will be painted white before tiling.

Tool Guy - Kg 09-16-2019 11:55 PM

With a running bond pattern, it's fairly likely to end up with some smaller pieces. It's just the nature of the pattern. But the grout lines aren't going to stand out in this case. The tile is what everyone will notice. So, if you like this pattern, then go ahead.


deejam 09-16-2019 11:59 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Here are a few closer shots of the edges.

Probably should have said this earlier, but I am planning the half offset brick pattern.

Just not sure about those narrow cuts at the far left edge givin that it opens up to another room. I assume an inch is considered skinny, or a sliver. From searching it seems most recommendations are to avoid anything less than half a tile length when possible and to keep symmetry of the focal areas (which seems to be everywhere!)

Thanks for any feedback.

deejam 09-17-2019 12:20 AM

Thanks again for the feedback, Tool guy.

hmm, I guess i we are not to hung up on the running bond pattern. Maybe its worth seeing how a 25% - 35% offset might look.

Are you thinking that the since the grout color is close to the tile the grout lines will not stand out much, therefore it might be okay to sacrifice some symmetry for some larger end cuts?

Tool Guy - Kg 09-17-2019 05:17 AM

With a running bond pattern, you are almost always going to have less than half a tile on every other course. That’s why I said it’s the nature of the pattern. It’s almost impossible to avoid small pieces.


Elkski 09-17-2019 06:19 AM

the kitchen command center is the sink... make that look pleasing and take the rest as it comes.

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