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subparguy 09-26-2007 03:07 PM

Self levelling nightmare
I am hoping somebody in tile land can help me. I am preparing my floor for 1500 ' of hardwood. I am trying to rush it (not good), anyway I have sanded the high spots on the subfloor and bought a 22kg bag of stone mason self levelling compound (all they have around here). My problem happened last night the bag said to mix the entire bag to use. Well I really did'nt need to use that much. I figured I would use 1/2 a bag, it probably ended up to thick. This happened late in the night and after a few beers, does'nt help? Anyhow when I woke up I now have quite the mess. Can I sand this stuff with a belt sander or do I have to chip it away with a chisel. HELP! :shake:

Any help will be appreciated,


scott anthony 09-26-2007 03:24 PM

Hopefully you didn't prime your floor properly.
You may try to take a large dull axe and chip away at it. Wear glasses. If that don't work you may need to rent a grinder / vacuum system from Home Creapo. You will have to buy the grinding cup. Try anything who knows what might work before dish out that kinda cash.
If that don't work have another beer and throw carpet on it. :yeah:

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