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Lazarus 02-11-2014 05:41 PM

How do I Get Rid of Spam?
You know, I bought some meds online a couple of years ago. Ever since, I'm getting TONS of spam. I've tried adjusting my "Message Rules" with certain terms and I'm sure that has eliminated many of the messages. Still, I get literally dozens of "offers" to buy crap I don't want, daily.

Most of these come in with unintelligible paragraphs of nonsense. I guess it has to do with filtering or something. Still, I don't want to change my Email address if I can help it, but it's overwhelming me. :shrug:



Dave Taylor 02-11-2014 07:33 PM

Laz writes.......

I get literally dozens of "offers" to buy crap
Wanna' great buy on some Arizona land?

Just send me your email, your home address, SSN, DOB, place of birth, sexual preference, a coupla' credit card numbers and visit this Exceptional Network Site while at it. :cool:

Dave Taylor 02-11-2014 10:16 PM

Sorry for funning with you, Laz. :rolleyes:

Truth be known..... I don't know how to effectively control spam.

I don't play the spammer's game.

I never respond to spam.
I almost never visit any web site sent me via email by most anyone.
I do not divulge my email address to anyone who does not have a valid and compelling reason to know it.
I don't partake in sites that require a working email address for participation or membership.
I don't frequent site types prone to surreptitiously collecting visitor information.
I use email rules that allow me to search email titles for key words or phrases known to be used by spammers.

And I still get spam.

I just have kinda' learned to live with it.

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