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JustaJoe 11-04-2004 09:52 AM

Tile/cutting on pan floor
I'll try again and seperate from other thread to maybe get some replies.

I've got 4" tiles for pan floor. Looking for advice and best way to cut to flange area (circular). What's worked best for you?

Another thought - is it easier and I'd be better off to just use smaller tiles on sheets?

I am all eyes and ears here everyone-please give a newby grunt some help and advice :bow:

Mud Hog 11-04-2004 10:46 AM

:tongue: Stick Tile to a pan!? I wouldn't do it for the reason of how your applying it. The pan has a certian amount of flex. If your using a large tile, and the tile your using is large for a pan, you woun't have much flexablity. If you must attach to this surface, and your going to use a mastic, don't go cheep! Use a double duty mastic by Tec with 1"X1" porcelian tile on sheets. The extra joints will give the floor flexablity and better traction when it's wet. As far as addressing the joints so the grout doesn't fall out with the flex, you could use sanded caulking for all the joints and around the drain. This sound like a bit much to do but thats what happens when you install on this kind of substraight. The drain can be made to look good if you buy a brass drain cover piece at any Home Depot store. They come in a square shape and will sit on the surface of the pan. The old round drain cover just pops out. Seat the new drain on the surface so it meets the tile flush. You could use a silicon or another kind of flexable adhesive to seat the new drain. Remember to remove the old drain cover for better flow of water and visiably you won't see the old drain. I think that about covers it Good Luck! And what ever you do stay :calm:

JustaJoe 11-04-2004 12:24 PM

Oh gads - me again phrasing things badly. :bang: :bang:

I mean tile cuts on what will be my shower pan floor. At this point it's just the final mud sitting on top of my membrane. Awaiting me to decide which tile to use and method to cut the dang things around the drain.

Super sorry for not clarifing more. I had asked this question in the old thread and forgot that many would not have read that or been aware of it :crazy:

Thanks for bearing with me


muskymike 11-04-2004 01:30 PM

Hi Joe, you don't want to use mastic in the shower anywhere especially on the floor. Sorry Mud Hog. Use a good modified thinset. Around the drain you can use a side grinder very carefully or grind it with the wet saw blade. Just don't push too hard you can warp the blade.

Mud Hog 11-04-2004 01:39 PM

No worries on the mastic on the pan. The only reason why I had said that was because I thought he was adhering to a fiberglass pan. Thats why I said the double duty would work, cause water won't break it down.
Multi Purpose thinset for the mudded pan IS THE WAY TO GO.

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